someone had said it right ” beginning is always the hardest ”

and yes it’s true indeed. To be honest writing has never been my cup of tea or choice of menu that i would pick until now. Even when i was in my school, I choose MATHS over economics , not because i find maths easy but because i was afraid to write and memorize economics. And after my school a big drastic different decision , the decision to study literature changed everything. First few days I was very confused and thought is this real??? Then things started to change , I , me started to read ( of course it was not the books prescribed by the syllabus ) . Now when i look back . i think i may have make wrong decision but they were not BAD. The starting was difficult and confusing but “no complaints no regrets “. 🙂

The beginning was difficult but i made it through and made it good. Well right now i’m again finding it difficult to begin this new phase , more of a long awaited phase. Well as i have made it before i hope this time also I’m gonna made it through and made it good.



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