waking up just 30 minute before my office time, brushing while pooping, eating my morning meal in hurry and finally 5 to 10 minutes I surf net , or lay on bed or sometimes just shake my sturdy body to random music. I do it not because I have some time left but because i want to do it for me and I like doing it.

Well I know that I’m getting late for my work but my mind or say my heart had never told me to hurry, well it hadn’t until now.  Work is important , my responsibility is important that comes along with the work, but still i care not to hurry. I get to work late but not that late, but even if get to my office late i know the work that i do all day long in that office is 100 %, not because i have to give my 100% but because my morning has started the way i want to. just to get office in time and to leave a impression on boss is never been my tactic. I know i’m late but i know m gonna be fine and fresh all day long. 

I don’t care if the five or lets say 10 minutes being makes my whole day smooth then why to hurry and give pressure to my soft kitty like brain. having said so much about me, well I’m infused between is my habit is defined LAZY is a cool CALM ???

A day has only 24 hours of which you donate more then half of it to your NAP , remaining to your work then what is wrong if you give 5 or 10 minutes for yourself ?? This few minutes makes my whole day and may make yours too. Work is not everything and the end the most important thing is be happy. If that happiness gonna cost you 5 or 10 minutes from your devoted work time then there is no sin that u gonna fell into by doing so.

Being on time at office and tackle that all day long stress of work, coming back home tired with a few percentage of body battery. What can you expect to do beside sleeping? well i certainly can’t. So see you missed that personal moment for yourself that could have made you happy and make your day way better than this. So there is nothing wrong being calm and steal a few moment to cherish, a moment a day to feel happy, a moment you decide for yourself.

Well overall in my perception this is not laziness towards work that I have but I’m being calm and taking a time out from this 24 hours that i devote to things other than me. 🙂



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