A broadly talked and abundant topic ” DREAM ”

Yes,the same ‘dream’ , not only the dream that comes to you when your eyes are closed but the dream that resists you from closing your eyes. 😀


We all are unique one way or other, even twins who come to earth with no time difference of seconds are different to one another. So it’s more then obvious that we are less likely to share common things. Our physic, critical analysis, opinion and more than that the choices we make and the dreams we share vary, and there is no duality.

Your dreams changes with the seasons if you are not focused. If you are not sure what you like and what you have in you, with you and the uniqueness  that makes you “YOU and sets you apart from others. it’s true that DREAMS helps you to set goals in life, but what about the price that comes with it ?? Dream’s price had never comes easy to anyone. Big or small dream is dream and is priceless. My dream varies from yours, your varies from others the prices that I’m bound and obedient to bestow upon depends. more bigger the dream the higher the endeavor.

Bigger and higher the dream the more commitment it sees. No wonder the query may rise about what if i have more than one dreams ??? it’s not that difficult to acknowledge , simply having two dreams is like the attempt of being on same boat once. It’s not impossible, rather it’s entirely depends upon how able are you or how competent are you. it’s you , your DREAM , your effort , your commitment and your success and a shared HAPPINESS to your loved ones.




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