the loud and the small hung bells , the crowd, the free strolling animals, the sages, the vendors and scattered cow dungs that laid everywhere on the road.


YOU can see the PREGNANT seeking blessing

YOU can see the TODDLERS scaring the grazing birds

YOU can see the YOUNG with their perfections

YOU can see the OLD singing their heart out

YOU can see the DEATH in the verge of ‘MOKSH’


YOU can see the ULTIMATE ALMIGHTY who surround everything

the HOLY PASHUPATINATH is what it is I’m chattering about

A place that defines PEACE and NOISE , a place that defines BIRTH and DEATH, a common shared spot by the INSANE and the enlightened SAGES, a landmark that provides an ANIMAL and a MAN equally. A place that can show you the phase before birth and the unavoidable finale before you will be judge.

You can never feel contained enough if you go around , you can hear the loud bells yet you feel so calm inside. You may get scared with the free jumping monkeys and the old roaming animals with horns, but to counter don’ts forget you are scaring them too. take a little time out from your early bed cuddling and take a ride, drive or best of all option take a walk to this place. Keep your mind open ( for everything you gonna be at), keep no static opinion , keep your eyes open ( for the colors, the madness and the all others usual and unusual things you will notice) , nose ( for the smell of freshly burning flesh, and the fragrance of  incense ) , an open ear ( for the ringing, the sore all morning ‘bhajan’ singing, the enchanting mantras) and frequently opening lips if you are getting a cup of coffee while you sit and perceive all this wonders.


Take a look around, and since you are already here bow before the stone statue, touch it , take it your heart and complete it on your forehead. Take it for free or if you want pay for it, a ‘tika’ on your forehead. There is so much to see, there is so much to go be at, there is so much you can do, a lot of things to exercise your teeth for, things to admire and the things you can not stop yourself from criticizing. You gonna notice the bad , you gonna notice the wonder, you gonna see the degradation but on the contrary you gonna feel the best , will ignore the worst and the growing attempt to make it better. Over all a place that holds so much will definitely will make you happy and surprisingly RELIGIOUS. 🙂






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