haha….. looking back at those days this one was the very first spell that I was able to memorize from the “HARRY POTTER” movie series. Harry Potter novel were few those book that i read form the beginning to the end. When the movie came out, all i was doing was “Expelliarmus”, “Riddikulus”, “Alohomora” with hope of finding it to be true. 😛  And it may be its because it were the only few words that i was able to understand and learn in the half an hour movie time.

I used to think only if it was true, I imagine being the real Harry Potter, and my days in Hogwarts the spells i would use, the fun I’m would have had and so forth. So was all limited to my limitless imagination. If a world like Harry Potter exists I still would like to go there and see if these spells works or not. 😀

Similarly, the man with three METAL CLAWS ( Wolverine ), Cyclops , Jean , Mystic, Professor Xavier, Storm, Shadow-cat as a whole the X-MEN has always been my dream team that if given chance I want to be a part of. This people and their and superpower has always fancy me and deep down somewhere watching them, I want to be like them. How cool it would be right???? ahhh…… just going t get lost in my imagination if I start it now. Image

Moving on how can I forget my all time favorite cartoon series like AVATARS, NARUTO, CAPTION TSUBASA , POKEMON , THE JUSTICE LEAGUE etc. Where all i wanted was to be with them, well the presumption was to be the main lead, but if that is not on my plate and was not possible but still it was a delight to think of being in the cartoon and be the cartoon.

The POKEMON i would choose, the number of pokeball I would posses, the pokemon I would capture, my battle strategy and so on. Moreover being the Naruto, the fights ,the fun , the football skills of Caption Tsubasa and the way I would lead my whole team, the fame and the name that comes with it. The justice league, being the superman and to have WonderWoman as my girlfriend hahaha….., because I always have a crush for the cartoon WonderWoman. Because an old film on WonderWoman lead was unable to fancy me at all :P.

There is normal films on this road too…with no superpowers and super villains. 😀 The films like KING KONG, WANTED, TRANSFORMERS, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE has always somehow forced me to think of being them. The world seems very adventures. fulls of actions, fulls of dangers and full of fun. There is no stopping, the hero always wins, no matter how pain and the suffering the hero goes through. The desire of being there and going through what the hero has gone is always there in me.

Here I’m not presenting myself as nerd kind of person. Well what I’m really trying to say is that movies and cartoons are meant to entertain you and make you feel relax by taking you somewhere from your reality. For me these movies are successful to do so because they made me to imagine and offered me delight and somewhat happiness. Me, thinking of being the Harry Potter or the superman or any other mutant helped me to put aside my difficulties and settled me into a world of my own imagination where I can be who I want and can do what I want.

But no this doesn’t mean that you should make it your obsession and run after it like crazies. You should be able to differentiate between the world of reality and the world that is inside screen. Enchant and luxuriate yourself from the world of your own imagination and use that happiness and glee to bright/light up your real world. 😀



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