MONSOON is here someone said to me.

😀 wahhh….. how did you know? did she text you?….. or she updated her STATUS ???

“No man….. monsoon!!!! MONSOON !!!…..

yeah monsoon……. so where is she now????? like she landed in Kathmandu????? or just inside the country?????

I’m talking about the real natural monsoon…..

and I am like…… ohhhhh………………. the MONSOON…….

Here the point is not that i was stupid that time

but to tell you that these days almost everything is related to Facebook or say to social media.

In my case I relate things, well not all but many…. many in a single day.

Woke up early, a quick peek at Facebook , Woke up late in morning a LATE GOOD MORNING status update , staying late up night liking random photos on wall. I update, I commet, I upload, I like, I share and the least I poke. So why not calling me a FACEBOOK BOY ….. 😀


Well these days , when people are hungry they update status. When they are eating something they upload photos. The days is yet left to come when people will start to upload their POPPIES after eating certain things 😛 …. or maybe not ….. haha

I’m reading this , eating that, travelling there, feeling boring here.

feeling bore selfie……. feeling sad selfie……. feeling me selfie….feeling sick selfie. Isn’t it too much ?????

it’s not about facebook only but its about all other social media that connects me and never lets me to feel my friends absence in my everyday living. # tagging my friends, not to forget their birthday, making fun of them by posting photos, meet new people/ friends, sharing your happy moments to indulge themselves in or sharing your difficult moment for the assurance that will hold you up.

You can share your voice or can amplify others. Awareness regarding so many things becomes easy almost effortless because all you need to do it and click. Whether its social campaign or a business promotion, what you need in the first place is the social media. And i must admit that, for a lot these things, different campaigns, news, public opinion, to keep in touch with my friends……. I’m not partially but in sense totally rely upon these social media. In addition to that all these mobile application that makes it even more easier for you take it anywhere be it with anytime.

Well its not a bad thing doing so much with handy and easy social media. But even sugar taste bitter when eaten too much right . So its just that we should take it over the top. If you are already on top of Mt. Everest, there is no further top that you can step forward all you can do is climb down. So why not comfort in the middle and enjoy the view and have the thrust to get to the top. B)









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