it’s sour when you can’t get it

I suppose that everyone have heard the story of a fox who desires to eat grapes that cling on higher place that he cannot reach. He tries so hard but becomes unsuccessful to get it. So at the and what he does is, he describes the grape as sour as goes from there.

So yes the same axiom can be applied in so many places in life. You cannot get everything in life that you want. There are thing that is way out of your hand. You try so hard but still it seems it is out of your reach. In such situation rather then feeling disheartened and sad just find some fault in it try o leave it. Trying is one thing, trying so hard is another but still not getting it is  totally out the league. So what you can simply do is, do your best to find something that will help you to leave it and forget about it.

Motivation is in the air….. LOL

Let me relate it to mine experiences.


It’s been long since I wanted to have a tablet ( not the medicine :D). I have worked so hard for it, I worked  more then 18 hours a day for it. But every time I receive my salary form my office, I don’t know whether the money was flying or leaking from somewhere. I never had enough, found out that my basic needs were crucial then my desires. 1st i was unhappy because I was getting so little sleep 2nd I didn’t get what I wanted. So either way I was not happy, so what I did was, for some time I decided not to run after fulfilling my desires. For that I said to myself “tablet!!! if you have a phone and a computer why to have it???? You are going to have a WiFi connection everywhere so what is the use ???, you can play game on mobile too…… furthermore you are running a firm that requires so much of social connection every time and every minute. 😛 and more to that I asked my self why was I trying so hard to have something that is not even going have great positive impact upon whatever.” :/

This is how I made it look at and managed to persuade my heart 😀

There are thousand ways to look at things, choose the best you can find and that suits you the best. I not telling you stop running after what you want, it’s just what is the point if that running is ruining your present. Even enough things can bring happiness if you search for it. At least I’m happy now with what i have. Sometimes those things wander around my thoughts but again I say ti myself ” DON”T WORRY BE HAPPY YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN THE RIGHT TIMES COMES”.




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