Choice made choosing the color of your shirt you want to buy or picking up a ‘Who Wants To Te a Millionaire’ final answer in case of not knowing the answer. The CHOICE we make will bring a change for sure. In the first case wearing your favorite will make you happy and in the other if the answer is correct your life will change and if not you will regret.

CHOICE we make will bring a change for sure. Small or big but undoubted change is there.

Everyday, knowingly or unknowingly we make lots of choices. Choices that will make us happy, Choices that will make us sad, Choices that will make us to feel regret, Choices that will break us, Choices that will build us. What is unknowingly done is not in our grip, as to say the decision made in haste, the choices upon we know nothing about. But what about the choices that we have control upon? what about the decisions we have lot time to think for? What about the choices that could cheer us and make us happy? or the choices that will smack us and push us to melancholy.

Choosing the dish from a restaurant menu or choosing your job. Choosing in which side of a bus you want to sit if place available or the course you want to study further. The TV channel you want to watch or the football team you want to support. Well this is not all, its just a few cases that popped up at the very moment. Besides then all this and more than this you have tons of situations when you have to make choices, choices you make for yourself. Choices to look good, be good , to look happy and be happy is always with you. Because every single day you make choices.


IF…… If you have a choice, a choice to make between then there is no wrong going with what your heart says. Mind plays a lot, attempts to make the righteous, unreasonable, ethical and virtues choices. This is not wrong, and is very good to think. But go with your heart if you want to be happy, if you want to enjoy because what heart know is happiness and joy to maximum limits. The choices that is made by heat, I’m concerned about others but but guarantee will make you happy. Not doing it and be happy is far better than doing it and being sad.

Your mind says get up do exercise be healthy and your heart says sleep for a while. Mind says study, practice and heart says ahh don’t worry there is second chance for everyone. Mind: unhealthy don’t , heart- it’s tasty try. When mind says it’s too dangerous the heart says its the LIFE you are getting just once.

So make choices and be happy who knows the December 2012 might waiting to return.






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