Fingers on KEYBOARD

Butt down

EYES gazing on computer

the urge of wanting to write something but the result is a blank…………. white screen.

So what I did, I changed the background color…. hahaha…. 🙂

I’m one hundred and more percent sure that including me that many of ours mind functions not in front of the computer screen but somewhere else.


1st place- TOILET

For me the TOILET works the best. I always has crazy imaginations and ideas. Ideas to do this , imaginations I can’t even think of. Its just a lot, countless. For me the toilet is not a place to leave something behind but to take a lot outside. The moment I enter, my mind starts running.

May be it runs so fast inside that it gets tired and runs slow outside. :/ The four walls of toilet is a big LED screen for me, where I can search, type, process, acquire and GENERATE something new. But the problem is that the ideas tries to remain contain inside those for walls. The moment I come outside, only a few portion of those ideas comes out with. I return again and what happens ….. NEW IDEAS and NEW IMAGINATIONS happens.

So my plan is to take a notepad and a pencil so scribble it down the moment I get those ideas. 🙂 though I haven’t it yet, but soon in future.

2nd- BED

Metal made body of mine somehow gets lured towards my MAGNET bed. But the moment my body lies down magic happens. 🙂 The magic that provokes my mind and brings out all those ideas that could never enter my mind during the daytime. Bed is a magical place for me, full of stars, colors, a big white canvas to put my ideas into, draw my imagination, give birth to unimaginable ideas.

Bed is for taking rest but my mind make the best.

3rd- The road

It happens all the time. When I’m on my way to work. Between the traffic and the crowd my mind takes it flight and lands somewhere beautiful world of imagination. Where everything is perfect. I can do anything. Those ideas can get born with every footsteps. Those ideas that that pops up with every dash that people gives me.

These are my magic place. I suppose everyone have theirs. I wish i can be into these place all the time….. but see the problem is that I can’t be in these place for a long time. From toilet I have get out to let others get in, I can’t kept walking because definitely I will reach my destination with that much walking. And moreover I can’t sleep all the time until there is something wrong. 🙂 There is no genie and such things, the magic is in you, you just need to find your magical place, place to unlock that magic in you. 😉




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