I have been to this place four times to be exact.

I came here with my relatives for the first time.

Then the second time it was with my school friend on ” Krishna Janmaasthami ” If I’m not wrong.

Moving on the most memorable visit to remember, that time I came here was not to see the place but to attend a concert.

And the very last was a recent visit of this place.


But as much as I can remember, every time I have been here the place seemed different for me. It felt like I’m here for the first time. Nothing looked familiar to me.

I remember the first time I came here, I stroll around this place with my small little cousin. I can recall big temples built with stones and even the whole property ground was paved with flat stones. We passed through small “gallis” ( alleys ), a lot of sweet shops with mouth watering exhibition of delicacies. Though non of them reached my mouth, these were the days I has very light pockets. 😀


Similarly during the second visit, may it’s because it was raining or so, I saw the floor or the entire place paved with bricks, it was red red every where, it was crowded with Hindu devotees. long queue in spiral and all odd geometrical shapes. Colorful umbrellas, women wearing bright attires. It was mad situation for me, bells ringing, bright colors, “Bhajans” , a cozy landscape and top on that it was raining. People like whose intention similar to mine were all looking for a place to avoid the rain, and the particular place where we gather were like ahh…. I could hardly breathe among.

The most memorable the third time I came here during a concert, I have never seen such a crowd before besides on television. We, my friends include got lost. We couldn’t even find the main concert ground. I have been to this place before not once but twice, but still incapable to find the right way. After struggling for more than a good thirty minutes, we got to the main ground and to my dismay I could hardly move because of the crowd and getting a glimpse of the band member was out of imagination. I could hear them so loud and clear but unable to see them.


The recent visit was how do I summarize it??? Well the plan was  to be here, with no specific motto but as soon as we stepped here our prime focus was to find a place to fill our tummy. I was with some of the most amazing people to be around with. If  I would have come here alone, I could have explore this place more, sit somewhere quietly. But having them was a different joy. Though we were rushing to find a place to eat, the time we spent around we rocked that place. In the mean time we hardly take a breathe of  relief and the sight seeing, I hardly could memorize the infrastructure.

I was unable to find the old paths as I hoped but searching for a cheap yet best place to dine Let us explore new allays of this place ( thanks to our well instructed yet confused guides :p. Things I missed before ; the market, the people, the promotion, the busyness, the fun, cheap yet best food ( was it ?? ) overall A living town was what I saw in my recent visit.


The town really changed for me, I personally felt that the town changed. Because I was unable to relate anything similar with my previous visit with my recent. It may be due to the time time difference; 1st time when I came here was a fine morning time, 2nd was a fine afternoon+ raining , third it was during the a busy crowded night and the recent falls between a fine morning and a fine afternoon with slight rainfall. The 2nd reason could be my entry, because all this time I have never enter this place from the same place, it has been different every time I came here. …. hmmm….. :/

You guys must be wondering what place I’m talking about. Well the place that has appeared  in different disguises in  my each visit is non other than PATAN DURBAR SQUARE. I have been here in the rise. I have been here during the dawn and in between afternoon. I wish to come here again before the dawn and after mid noon and see if the place still surprises me or not.

10303810_330781663743011_8254988577440589504_n 10476257_330780663743111_1686879689335946957_n




P.s. : The last two photo credit goes to Janu Rai




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