Just a few months back I gave my bachelors final exams. Here i’m not worried about the result, I never was. On the very last exam day , My worries were not concerned with the fact that exams are done… I’m a grown up now …..have to do something own my on…. a future to build but rather it was more focused on if I’ll be able to see and meet my friends again or or not.

To be honest I’ve got the most lazy friends of all ( if you reading this guys, no offense 😛 ). They were lazy to come to college, in terms of submitting assignments and completing the assigned practicals. But now I think that the fun was some more how or more than that was all about that laziness. I didn’t have the intelligent, smart and the know it all type of friend who you can expect to help you during your exams. But I feel no remorse at all….. because I was endowed with the best possible friend I could afford.


After my high school my plan was not to get into the same place that I just got out of. But some of my high school friend were enrolling back to same place again and offered me to join them. At first, since my high school days were not that great to talk about except some class bunking incidents, my impression regarding going back to where I came from was not positive. But yeah… I did went back and yeah the still nice part was yet to begin.

Same college, a few old known faces, the same boring looking teachers and even the same class that we were put into really scared me at first with the horrifying fact of struggling the yet to pass  3 years in college. But in the midst of all these the thing that made me happy was all the new faces who came there all dressed up like a kids with the same excitement as I did. If I’m not wrong I was one to talk to them first and that introduction was unable to foretell me that you gonna have the best college days, was disappointing. After being regular and getting bored for a few days of going college I decided not to go back. Even the friends who asked me to get back here were absent all these days so I stayed home for almost or more than a month at home.


But since my college fees were coming out my dad’s wallet I had no option but to back and I did. My forceful decision to go was great and still happy that i went back. Changes were there; we were shifted into a new classroom, my high school friends were there. Journalism was what I decided to take so does my old friends. Since no new student were taking mass communication the classes were some what was giving the same feeling of being in high school again. But it ended very soon, some new late joined student were all taking journalism and the lazy or say the fun really began.


I’ve got perfect laughing match, who cannot smile, we laugh and yes we laugh loud ( from that day the road of making me target of laughing so loud was got separated into two 😀 ) . So I can pin point or mark of the beginning of the best college days I couldn’t imagine of . We were comparatively small in number but when we were together we knew we make CROWD. We talk like no one else, we had fun like no one else. we eat like no one else, we laugh like no one else. Well we were the best class in the whole college.


When we were asked if we want to read, we never said ‘YES’ but on the contrary when someone came to teach us we never said ‘NO”. We certainly do not fall under the category of friends who make all fun planning. We never made plans to go here and go there, maybe we did at some point but never executed it. The place we went together as groups were never planned, it just happened and we made the best possible memories, I certainly did.

dream garden1

The best birthday memories not mine but theirs are also associated with college days. Even these days when I think of them I still have smile on my face. I still remember those days, being a student of college also getting scolded by teacher like we are in school. We went through together a lot of boring dialogues from teachers, like this is most ridiculous class, if this continuous what you gonna do in your future in your exams and all. Well they certainly had a point because less than half of us had the coursebook. The fun of making jokes when teachers were in the class had a different level of fun.

Revision of lessons had never been an option for us until the final exams. The books also had it partial words read during exams. Now sometimes I think that we really has something wrong with us because fun and making jokes in classroom was Ok but during exams also, some we never had a monotonous and depressing time. We made jokes and we obviously had laugh even inside the exam hall. Life was moving on, waking up early for college was never been that difficult as it is now. Nothing mattered what happened all day long but what I was sure of was the beginning ( morning) was sure to be awesome.


In spite of our teacher’s concerns and doubt with us regarding our future plans we all had cling into a rope that will definitely tie the ladder up to our our future. Time really does flies like an arrow, the arrow take its pace even more when you are having fun. The three years of college passed by so quick that I still feel like I still hadn’t made much enough memories for me. Along the way some of our friend got lucky and left us but until they were us they were one us, the fun nad memories makers. The college is over and despite the promises of keeping in touch even after is getting difficult and the distance is getting more wider. We knew this day would come but it’s just that it feels like it came a little too early.

I had the bad, the good and the freakingly awesome time with my friends with my friends. I made the best and only the best memories being with you all. All these memories are locked inside my heart and my mind. When someone attempts open it up, that someone for sure gonna get a lot of smile and laugh.




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