Kathmandu really is place where you can expect to have anything you want. Whether your desire is to find the best place to dine for the cheapest or the best place to chill out lavishly, a place to get work done or leaving it a place to get lost into. This valley can offer you anything. The perfect blend of modernity and the history through the tall standing infrastructure is what Kathmandu valley is about.

Being the capital and the biggest city of Nepal, Kathmandu valley has a lot of expectations associated with it. People from all over the country comes down in to this valley with hopes of a better life and a better future. For them this valley carries hope, for other a center of educational hub, for the traveler form around the globe it is a place to do all the prep works before heading to their key destinations and to see some of the heritage sites. kathmandu-at-night-nepalAnd 

There is the Me, this me has no hopes with this valley, nor takes it as a educational hub or so. Neither this me is a traveler or a guide. For me, this valley is a place to chill out, to roam around and being here for more than two decades still a place to get the surprises. This me has seen this place changed, Seen the worst and is optimistic for an excellent future. This me has loved this city ever since, despite the ongoing changes and some exceptional flaws which can be ignored. Me has been a part of ever since, this is my city and the city is me.  🙂 


Me makes this city, me takes this city, me lead this city and this me will never leave this city. 

P.S. — There are lot of places to talk about my city, Kathmandu valley as whole. This my attempt to showcase my valley , my city and my country. This effort will continue on my upcoming post. Keep in touch if you want to know more. And I don’t own this photo. 




4 thoughts on “My city, my life

  1. In the city I shout at it for the pollution, dirt dust and unmanaged way of living but each time return back to Kathmandu valley from outside valley it welcomes me with great heart. It gives me satisfaction and make me feel as its my room; its live and vivid with great fun and excitement in here

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