Yet again, let’s begin.
it been long since I last came here to write something down. I have been to a lot of local places around lately. The places I have been to are no new place that I was excited and curious to explore. Even though those places were the places I go often yet, as per my expectations they didn’t backed behind to mesmerize me and amazed me again this time.

Why I got mesmerize this time?? Simply it the time difference that I put between my recent and those so called often visits.

Travelling in KATHMANDU at night can be hectic, troublesome and even dangerous sometime (nothing serious ) especially when you don’t own a personal vehicle. You so want to stay where you are for more time and yet your less intellect and more personal experiences tells you ” If you stick to this for few more minutes than the chances
-to get your bus
-to be able to settle your head and your feet freely inside
the bus is almost streches to ZERO.

and on the top of that
-to get a vacant seat in the bus that will take you to your crashing place goes beyong zero, it goes to the minus(-) zone. “

So with all these previous bus ride experiences, the struggle, the pain of not being able to stand straight inside, the ladies gossips in between, the sweats and on the top of that bumpy road; that can toss out your food resting inside the stomach floor threatens you from staying there and see the night life and if lucky enough to see that place gleaming in the lights.


So with a heavy heart and unsatisfied roaming extravaganza pushing and pulling your feet to head to your home is really difficult. If you are a traveler and love city than the sight seeing, moving your head in 360 degree, stopping by the shops, the food vendors in every corner that forbids you from moving on without taking a peek and inquire what is in the menu and prices constructs an extra mile to the nearby bus stand. 

Finally when you get there you see a lot of people wating for that particular bus that you are supposed get in. So when you finally classify those particular by standers so capable to snatch your space inside bus than these by standers are no longer commoner who passes by, they are your competitors. You compete against them, you run after the bus as soon as it enters the open get in zone. You push, you persuade, you lament, “stop pushing, there are still people getting out” is what you say, you put your bag on the seat before you place your bum on it.

If you are able to grab a seat and lay back than you are lucky, consider your self one for real. You definatly will feel like one when you gonna see people standing with difficulty and complaning along the way. You feel like smiling on the bumps that wheels gonna bump into, and when people starts complaining saying….. ahhhhh… kasto khochakoch ( so conjusted ), ahhhh…. ali bistari chalaunu na dai ( please drive slow ) , ajhai kati machey halnu sakeko … thau nai chaina ( there is no place in and still you are letting people in) than all you do is laugh.

You are a winner…you win it hard… all these smile and laugh is deserved.



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