It seems that I can’t enough of this place no matter how often I come here. It’s usual that when you go to a new place you are excited and somehow in a asense thrilled to explore that place. You are ready to perceive every new things that appears before your eyes, Whether that is landmark,  leaf on a tree or dust on ground.

As I have said in my previous blogs that this place AKA Hanumandhoka Durbar Square, one the heritage site enlisted by UNESCO has never missed its dart to astonished me. I have been to this place alone, with a whole bunch of friends. Recent visit was the first time that I actually came here with my cousins.


Before that day, my plans were very simple; to stay at home and finished some work that I have put aside due my akward laziness and unavoidable mood of doing nothing. But the day has a different plan. It was supposed to be the that I had to pull that so called savings for emergency form my wallet.

Well talking about those who accompained me that day were as i have already mentioned were my cousins. One was my brother and the next was my sister . There is not much to say about him but a lot much about her. She always has the image of a FASHIONISTA in my head. Even when she dresses up like a kid or say old grandma, I think everything suits her no matter how or what she puts on. I have been to lot of places with her, I had learned a lot of things form her….. but this was first time that we actually went to somewhere just for sake of roaming around.


SO it was supposed to the hippy or say hipster look that she endorshed that day. The surrounding and the time in a sense perfectly complimented her look. Well i’m not talk about what she wore that day, I probably don’t know the names of the things that was on her. She flaunted it dispite two boys walking beside her on each side. I don’t know how we end of being late and as I have mentioned in my earlier blog about how hard it is here to get the public vehicle. All of us were being haunted by that particular fear of not being fortunate enough to place our bum in those warm seats.

We rushed towards the station dodging all those people scattered on the way. We were highly trained :p and experienced in doing so. But it came out that we were not trained how to avoid the street foods. The smell of those and the crowed around them was something that we were unable to ignore and got dragged over to it. I found out that my FASHIONISTA and my brother were not so familiar about the street foods.

Being a big of fast food lover served on street, I was obliged to make them familiar with all the delicacies. So this was that moment when I started to poke into my wallet to get that saving out :D. We tasted a few things as we were running out time. But I think i enjoyed the food much more than they enjoyed it. It wasn’t my first time but who cares, I tried talking with the vendors with the hope of getting a little more than what he serves.


Asking where they from, what they do in the meantime beside selling all those, where they reside, about their families and how they make that food so tasty are some of my queries that I put before them. 🙂 it usually works :D. They are happy to share it and in between that everything they put a bit more makes me HAPPY so here its a two way shared happiness.

So that day, after baing unimaginably fortunate to sit inside the bus I called it a delightful and of day. God was happy with me that day that as we reached home, a surprise was awaitng us :D. With a belly full of street food I still managed to make some space for the food that was showcased on the table. I could resist but to go for it. I cant imagine how much I ate. But I must tell this was very time that I actually thought I cant take anymore, I was almost not able to push that last chunk of meat inside 😛 😀 hahahahhaha….. so after that I decided that I had enough.



So yes…… I had a simple planned afernoon, A wonderful evening with my Fashionista 🙂 and a surprised good night meal at the end. A perfect ending for a perfect unplanned day. 🙂 A lot of thanks to my cousins for a wonderful time. I had it, hope you guys had it too……. 🙂 hopeful for further similar extravaganza.

Now I think may its because I was with her the god was so gleeful upon me…. I doubt though.



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