Being the utmost intelligent creature on earth, we should be proud of what we are. We are capable of learning things faster than any other creature ( regardless of few exceptional cases ), we reason, we contemplate, we argue, we have different opinions regarding things and most important of all we make contradicting decisions. 

It is evident that, being unique from every man waking on earth our opinion and decisions contradict. But how pitiful is it that our own decision and opinions contradicts. We say things we don’t want to, we think of something and do something else, we talk about changes and still hold the stereotype thinking, we dream of freedom and try to moderate others. We make rules but deep down we are prone to break em, we argue for equality and still we feel superior/inferior compared to others, we want to fly but we limit our height, we make promises to other when we can not keep promises made to self, we disgrace impatience on others but we are incapable to wait, we advise when our own life is disorganized. 


Lets consider our of daily life….. how often we make new promises to our self. Sometimes to study hard, to quit smoking, to do better next time. New year resolution have developed as trend to make new promises but how many of us have really stand to those promises ( personally I haven’t). So when we are incapable to keep promises that we make to our self than why we brag about people breaking promises. Our own action contradicts with our promises.

We talk about rules but have we ever tried acting in accordance to those rules. We think that rules are made to be broken and we feel breaking rules is equals to COOLNESS. When no rules are made we make remarks but when rules are made we have the tendency to ignore them. Lets relate, have we ever tried to swallow our own spit in non spitting area, or tried not to out smart traffic on road. When we are unable to go with simple rule like keeping a quiet environment inside an exam hall than there is no point in proceeding forward with greater issues. 

We talk about equality but deep down in one way or other we feel superior over or inferior to someone. Thinking and acting had a lot more differences than we think. If we want equality we must consider our self as equal as others. Whether that sense of equality is to demand your rightful seat in a public vehicle or in a government office. Unless and until  you feel you are as equal as other there is always someone inferior or superior to you.

Despite of having conflicting ideas and contradictions if everything goes hand in hand with no such variance and disparity than a positive change is what we can be optimistic towards.


#keep_calm_accept_contradictions 🙂




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