When your expectation form life is least than everything you have will automatically starts to feel like valuable and great to some point.

Human have innumerable and boundless list of wishes and desires. The quality of such desires may vary but what we have is not what we are satisfied with. Our quest to achieve better than what we got continues….when we get it than again the same cycle of search and quest continues.

Age, culture, education, your proximity , gender and even our own kinship contributes a lot in shaping and adding component to that list of wishes and desires. For a man living on daily wages, his wish list may consit of A nice meal to get rid of appitite and of family if he has any twice a day. Clothes to cover their body up and preventing cold from entering in. A place to reside daily with non leaking roof during monsoon. But as soon as he get all these things he might begin to seek to earn more, change clothes, have a change in plate everyday, a better fancy house and vice versa. 

As far as it seems his wish list is very different and in a sense convenient enough form other’s . This wish list was made up of his needs only and indeed is predictable . But with the completions of these needs his wish list didn’t get empty rather it refilled again with desires. Unlike the 1st wish list filled with needs and very basic things, this time this list is full of what he wants.


Every individuals lives is different, our thinking, values and our personal preferences, So it is very usual to imagine that their desires and wishes will definitely be different within. The only difference is that; for some their wishes and desires begin with NEEDS and ends up in WANTS while for some they skip the initial Need phase.

So the desires and wishes of a human want to see being fulfilled varies with the number of heads. For some the wishes begins simple and ends up being difficult and for some the wishes begins big and ends up drawing more complicated and greater wants. So no matter how much we get we never are convinced that we had enough. every time we get what we wished, we desired something bigger.

So expecting least from life may help us feel like getting something of value at initial phase but change in feeling is definite. Here the path is same……. this path automatically will guide us into a never ending journey of wishes and desires. We are destined to face your Melancholy because our world and it’s phenomena are limited however on the other hand our wishes and desires are unlimited and keeps on arising with each accomplishment with our desires. 




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