Living is making unique memories every time……..

I’m not that old enough to talk about my past. I’m a not child either to let go things or to forget my history.

I don’t know what is the storage capacity of my brain but I believe if I have to store them in computer hard disc it probably would need few computer with storage capacity in TB ( Terabytes ). I don’t know if I think of my past so often or I just drift above the cloud of my imagination.

 One thing I’m sure of is that no matter how hard we try to forget everything and move on……… just that one thing…… or a word…..the CLICK and everything that happen so long…and so long gone comes right before your eyes. The memories that was hidden and concealed deep down jumps right on the surface. We became helpless and after a few moments we are living those emotions again. Emotions attached to those memories; playful emotions with friends, funny incidents, sickness suffering, the school punishment, stupid mistakes, reason you cried for or felt crying for. 

Those memories can sometimes amaze us, sometimes stops us from bursting out, sometimes provides grit to face the present, disappointments, inspiration and a lot of unexplainable emotions attached. We burst out laughing alone, or had our eyes wet. Some memories are so special that we would like to go and relive those moments again and some are regretful. Sometimes these memories are gleeful but often they scare you, because what hidden is worth hiding for.

We know we had made our self through those time, we were strong and yet we don’t want to go through it again…. we fear we won’t make it through this time. So learning from what happened…… the best thing memories can teach us is that ….. make the most of today, the best memories to remember in future. 

Everyday we learn…everyday we grow….. and everyday we live……. 



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