“No you can’t have it”
for an anaswer from mom when we used to fancy things and wanted to have it, made us DISAPPOINTED.
When we were little the only things that made us disappointed was the things we wanted. The rejection from our parents is what used to make it worse. Our demands were dynamic and changed with the number of shops and streets.

At a shop we get disappointed and in the next shop of the next corner our hopes again high with no signs of previous disappointments. And it was the beauty of those time and disappointments associated with that time. The utmost thing we could do when disappointed was starve ourselves but only until we feel hungry.


As we grow older, the rejections are same…. our demands and the level of being disappointed are the only things that has changed in due course of time. The hopes and disappointments are no longer changing with the corner or streets rather they grow even more. and We end up hurting our self. Life is full of such disappointments…. it’s a part of growing up… proving ourselves that we are moving on….to make ourselves strong…. to make sure that we can live up……and to know that there are other things worthy enough to leave what made us disappointed.

Why things cant be the same as it was before? Why even going through the same experience and path have different level of disappointments?

When little, Were we matured enough to accept the rejection and move on with new hopes? or were we immature to let go things so easy?

No matter what is right, the thing here is that we were happy, moving on was easy, hurt less. We were disappointed but we were good at letting things go and move on.



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