When your stomach is heavier than your head. But a proposal from our pals to grab something we like.
And we’re like Ummm……


A less hesitant and a quick acceptance of the offer with just a question ” WHY NOT?” in mind.

Just two words; one associated with query and other leaning more towards negativity. Yet when comes together one after other, these two words can bring a lot of positive changes beyond what we imagined.

Right now You guys are probably thinking what sort of changes am I talking about ?

let’s dig up a little bit of history, or say prehistory when our monkeys faced ancestors roam this land. Now imagine…..
After the unusual discovery of fire may be by accident or vice versa. In one cold night when chewing and devouring  the raw animal flesh sitting around the fire one HOMO ERECTUS says, ” ohhboo…hulaakhaakhaakhukhukhu….. ” 😀
Meaning — let’s put this flesh in this fire and see what happens.

Then, one them sitting by his side says,”obooboo….uhhuhh.”
Meaning— Why Not??? LOL 😛

After that the flesh never tasted the same. And we are still doing something new with our food everyday hoping to discover something new and extraordinary.

Similarly then again one cold night when the temperature was freezing and the cave wall could no longer keep the chills away then… one of the erectus says,”ohhboo…..huuhuuhhummm..ououuhuh.”
meaning—let’s wrap this furry animal skin on us and see what happens.

As a result now every year we have winter, fall , summer fashion shows worldwide. 🙂
Then again the same answer from other erectus ,”obooboo….uhhuhh.”
Meaning— ( you know)

These are just some examples of what these two words are capable of.

Our society has changed from raw flesh to Chicken curry, from animal skin to neon clothing, from stone weapons to atom bombs. In between what has remain the same is our curiosity and the two words ” WHY NOT?” (language may vary but the meaning is same)

Lets drift over our very own modern world of modern human..completely different from the society we talked at the very beginning in terms of our lifestyle and science. In the past when majority of the people were happy with what they have around, a few people questioned and others followed them with the same question in mind “why not?” because of which a lot of changes were successful and we are what we are today.

But despite the examples of the past… majority doesn’t have that thing… and don’t want to find out what will happen if we do it. Being able to know, study, observe also modern human are unable to conquer the goal of PEACE, peace worldwide.

There are people who have the curiosity of “let’s see what happen if we have peace worldwide??”
and there are people who says ” WHY NOT??”
But until and unless majority have this question in mind and enthusiasm to see what would happen, this world is not going to have PEACE it is looking for. We have seen the violence, we have seen the chaos, we have seen the war. What left to see is peace. So even if we talk about the right turn and the right time, I strongly believe that it’s really is the turn and right time for peace. Because the world has the right to see what worldwide peace looks and feels like after seeing all this.

So let’s ask why all this ???
and the big yet easy question

P.S. ( those homo erectus conversation is self made and totally imagined )



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