It’s never too late to try something new. Whether it is trying a new cooking recipe or trying out a book from a new writer. Often unexpected and unattempted things in life bring new surprises to own and people surrounding us.

Change-PicLife always has a better way to surprise us. We hope to grab it tight but loosing from grip is it’s character. We hope if only things could go our way but the best thing in life come unexpected. We desire for things but often things complimentary and thing we get for free brings smile on our face. So desire less, live more, cry less, be happy. Life has lots of twist and turns, we can’t bend them our way around but we can make sure that our fit and wit bends similar way or won’t go other way around. Things can make us or break us down, disappoint us or fill joy in life. But what should always be kept in mind is that those disappointing and breaking moments are temporary and mustn’t keep us disheartened permanently. What once been gone should not be repeated in case those things are worth forgetting and regretting. What we need is change.

Things always had changed, things always change and with no dualism we can say things will for sure change. Here what changes is not important but WHAT CHANGES US is something worth considering for. The world we live in is not something that has remain same from the very beginning but rather has changed in due course of time internally and externally. Moreover along with this what has changed are the things attached to it. So in world totally unpredictable and dynamic, being a part of it not being and not being able to adapt it’s foremost quality change is something not to be deprived of. We must make sure that change is a part of us but the change should be favorable and honest. What has changed you shouldn’t effect other around you. Make that change limited within you, don’t let it affect other in a dissimilar way.

Everyday is new, you are new, make a positive change a part of you, be compatible with the world around you because if you can’t be the change, you will be the part of others change.



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