No one can claim, or been more than 100 percent sure that he/she has never been late. Being late at school, late to get at the bus stop, or sleeping a few more hours and starting a whole day late. Here and there we all have been late for something once, twice or more maybe. If we are aware, contemporary world considers time as money and each and everyone has the right to turn their time into money. So its a good thing to consider for.


When we talk about turning our time into money then there is no exception or a little portion of doing it wrong. So when we value our time with money then why still the time still measures in seconds?  Why don’t we start saying you are Rs. 100 late or you have just spent your 1 million doing nothing in these years. I think it’s more abiding and for sure will fill the people’s right desire to crave for more and will start giving a little more attention regarding the late habits.

When our usual schedules are late to function then expecting other thing go as per the fixed and limited time has very little probability in going right way and in within right time. When people value time as profit and lateness as Loss then a whole  new definition for things will arise.

We are living within a late territory where being in time is being useless. If are on time people will assume you have got nothing else to do. So lateness is rather a very good option to go with, so cares to values seconds, minute and hours. Late=busy=work=worthy so yes if I have to tell someone that I am worthy of something then I must never be on time. I must get somewhere after everyone get there.  No matter what effects my absence brings I must get there as late as possible but not too late that I miss everything.

When it comes to give something we try to push it back as much as possible and when the thing is about taking something then we leave no time at all. Politically, socially and even psychologically we are late and living late. If we desire to cope with others then the first thing we must do is, we must run out of this late territory.



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