Brain really is quite impossible to understand. I’m saying this because I have been trying to retrieve my forgotten password out it from couple of months and was unsuccessful. But suddenly when I was not even thinking about it, I got it. Well it feels great to get back at something you were doing. download This particular thing that I remember is from the other day I was traveling in a bus. I can’t remember where I was going to but I remember being at the last seat row and squeezed!! yeah, I was. A woman with her son, may be of 3-5 years was sitting next to me. Squeezed between the mother and a man (which I came to know was the father of that boy later on), my locomotion was completely halted.  As the bus was moving I couldn’t stop myself from looking at that kid as he was playing with a mobile phone. Then I remember myself at his age. I was like, I barely even had a ball to play with and this kid is like whoa…. playing with a mobile phone.  I couldn’t stop thinking and imagine. What if I had what this kid has at this moment when I was his age? Would there be any changes to who I’m right now or no variance as such? I unintentionally started comparing myself with him. Then I answered definitely!! Few changes but not lot. After that I started to think about that kid. The way that kid was moving his fingers on phone screen, it seemed like that he was very good with phone and vice versa. The kids of modern 21st century are really smart and lucky too is what I said to myself. The way he was looking at that phone and observing it from every angle was fun to see. I thought, maybe, maybe this kid will become a hardware engineer or a software engineer in future. I could see intelligence, smartness and spectacles on his face. I was equally curious about What he might be thinking. His brain. Then the bus started moving and suddenly that kid was like….. bhrummm…bhrum…. teee titttt……. –_– The kid handover the phone to his mother and even moved his hands like he was controlling a steering wheel.  I was like, where is the future engineer go?? Suddenly that smart intelligent face started to have grease, sweat and dust from the road and engines all over him. I told myself maybe this kid will become a good driver someday. What he might be thinking?? His brain? My predictions may completely go otherwise. Or just like ‘morning shows the day’ may be this kid will become what traits had shown. Here I’m not apprising that I’m a soothsayer but highlighting upon our brain playfulness. From going back to that day, digging up my memory’s memory to doing predictions based on circumstances, it’s amazing!! Right ??? Brain is amazing. P.S. I don’t own the image that I have used here. The image is randomly taken out of Google search. #mindisamazing  #memory #bustravel


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