People say  I got it from my mother. well!! I can’t deny that as my mom is very good at rejecting/avoiding something she doesn’t like in a comic yet in a very diplomatic way.
Or maybe its years of practice and movies and readings.

When it comes to rejecting and avoiding and to be good at it, is really hard as you have to think out of the box to do so. :p
We are at the locus of many things worth neglecting and avoiding.  If you are not as good as me :p then chances are thin as air of not getting troubled by such things. Lets not complicate it, I am referring Superstitions as those worth avoiding things here.

Do you remember any of such superstitions that you once used to believe or still believe in? The no.13, cats, whistling at night, broken mirror, stepping on books, four-leaf clover, shoes upside down, howling of dogs, twitching of left eye, climbing up/down in dreams, eating from pot etc. Our society is full of such numerous superstitions. And some are so stupid and funny. Seriously!! let me mention some of such superstitions prevailed here in my country, Nepal and my way of avoiding/neglecting/not beveling them.

**A cat crossing your way**

black cat closeup_opt
Here, people believe that if a cat crosses your way then its bad luck. Either you have to spit three times or wait for at least three people to cross that danger line created by a cat before you proceed. hahaha 😀
Well what I do is simple. I do nothing. Neither I spit nor I wait. I remember reading an article about cats considering as  good luck symbol somewhere in Japan. And I’m like cat is cat.Yeah!! If it has brought good luck in Japan and has no grudges with Nepal so won’t do any harm whatsoever. An animal like cat would never bias is what I believe and move on cat’s way.

**Cutting nails at night**

Again, just like cat walk, cutting nails at night brings bad luck. You should never cut your nails at night, and should always do it outside during day time. We have been told time and again and again not to do it.
Well, I try to wait. But if I really need and want to do it and it happens to be night then what I do is Chew. Yeah!! chew. Because practically you are not cutting them, you are chewing it.  Because reasonably and arguably cutting them brings bad things not chewing them.

**Seeing empty pots while going out**

I don’t know how people take this matter here in cities, but people mostly in villages take it really seriously. They believe, seeing an empty pot specially “gagri” in particular means Failure. If you are out for some work and happen to see an empty pot then your work is unsuccessful for sure is what they believe.
What I do?? If I happen to see an empty pot then instantly I buy an bottled water from a shop. 🙂 Tit for tat. If something empty brings failure then obviously filled pot would brings Success!! The rule of Opposites. 😀

**Sweeping at home by kids means Guests arrival**


I remember my mom telling me ” Sano manchey le kucho lagauda pahuna aauxan ghar maa.” meaning if small kids sweep then guest would come to our home. Its not a bad thing to teach small kids how to sweep but here the intention not to let us is different. Our parent are afraid that guest would come and with them uninvited expenses. As a child who cares?? Guest means gifts, special dining and money.

What I’m saying is that I did nothing as it was a favorable sort of Superstition for us as a kid. I remember sweeping my home often but I can’t remember how many guest actually came from my Sweepy Broomy invitation. It doesn’t make any sense now, does it?? So far so good, no harm done. 😀

**Eating from pot**


Still our parents say if we eat from pots ( Karai in specific ) it will rain on your wedding day. And I wonder whenever I see weddings on rainy day. Did they ever eat from their pots?? Never had that chance to ask them. But what if we marry during monsoon?? It won’t matter whether we had ever eaten from or pot or not, Rain is inevitable on your wedding day even if you lived your whole life in a 5 star hotel where all you do if eat and pay. 😀

I’m not married yet but if I desire to eat the burn, charred left foods coated at the side of the pot or want to eat in something bigger than plates or just want to see if it really happens and still don’t want get soaked up on my wedding. Then the best thing I can do is I can plan to get married inside a hall. A big one. Problem!! Solved. 🙂

Plus, there are lots countries where eating directly from pot while the food is hot is a tradition and they don’t seem to have unnatural rainfall on their wedding day.

I’ll be talking about some few more such stupid superstitions including few serious.

To be cont..

P.s. I don’t own the used images.


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