It was supposed be a normal morning for him like everyone’s else. He was a regular guy, living in a big city, studying and doing a job to sustain.

But it turned out that this morning wasn’t like the usual morning at all. His tea on the gas was supposed to get ready when he got back from bathroom. However, When he got back, the tea was still cold,just the way he left it. He didn’t had time to see what has gone wrong as he was getting late for his college. He carried his bag and walked to his college. He had his tea and ordered his usual snack at the college canteen but since it wasn’t the usual morning he didn’t get what he asked for because the cook at the canteen wasn’t well. He had his tea, paid for it and went to his class.

After the end of college, hoping to had his lunch at office he waited for the bus. The bus came, it was crowed, nothing to get surprised about. But today the bus looked little bit more crowed he thought. He hopped in pushing himself through. He wasn’t thinking about anything, at least he didn’t think that, someone on the seat he was barely standing by would get off this soon. It was an open chance , an opportunity he wouldn’t like to miss and sat down as soon as that somebody got off.  Having a full stomach wouldn’t have made him this happy that he was feeling to enjoy the ride to office unlike majority in bus.

He couldn’t ignore but there was somebody at the window seat. A quick glance at that somebody he realized , it was a girl , a girl with open hair with her head leaning against the front seat, may be half asleep. He didn’t care. The bus stopped in many stops, many  squeezed in and many freed themselves. He looked outside. The next stop was his. He got his ID card from his bag and reached for his wallet. WTF!!! WHERE DID I PUT MY WALLET?? He rummaged through this pant, from the belt buckle to the tip of his pant at the bottom. He searched high and low, inside out his entire bag. He didn’t find it. Holy shit!!! What do I do now???

He paid at the canteen which means he was carrying his wallet but where is it now?? Fu*** fu***fu****. He looked at the bus conductor to if he can make a deal there. He couldn’t see him. He needed just Rs 10. He started flipping through his books inside his bag thinking may be he had put some money in between the pages accidentally in the past and had forgotten. It wasn’t his day after all. Desperate search gone in vain.

He couldn’t think of anything but to ask for Rs 10 with the half asleep girl at his side.  He took a deep breathe and poked on her shoulder with his index finger. Once, twice, thrice. She didn’t respond. Is she dead or was I too gentle?? Fu**!!! He said to himself. Now, he joined his index and middle fingers together and poked a little harder. Once, twice….. There was a movement. Now the embarrassing moment begins he thought. He said,”excuse me! I think I lost my wallet and I don’t have money to pay the bus fare. Would you mind, lending me Rs 10?? I’ll make sure to return it to you if you give me your number.”

“What!!! Come again. I didn’t hear what you said”, she said. With a slightly half opened eyes. WTF!! He said to himself. For a moment, he thought forget it. But then he knew that he had to get off soon and he didn’t have money. So he looked at her again feeling most embarrassed he had ever felt. Can you lend me Rs 10, I lost my wallet somewhere, he said in a single breathe. With her eyes wide open, huh!! What?? Ok!! Here it is taking a note of 10 rs out from her purse.

He was wrong when he thought he felt the happiest while getting to sit before, it was now getting the money. With a sigh of relief he promised to return her money back. “Never mind, it could happen to anyone, Rs 10 is not a big money. Dont bother”, she said. Before he could say more he had to rush to door with that ever so precious Rs 10 to get off. When he got off, WTF.. I didn’t even thanked her. What happened to me?? What she might thinking about me?? What sort of uncivilized, uneducated person I’m. Ohhh… Shit!!

To be contd….


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