Somehow his mind was still hovering in thoughts and trying to process his unintended impolite behavior he showed this morning. Not even a gesture expressing your gratitude. What an ass!!! He thought of hinself and kept thinking about that life savior.

Looking form outside he was in the office, and moving his fingers on the keys on the board. Data entry is what his work was all about. All day long, what he had to do was input names and numbers in the computer. He never gave interest in names and numbers as he was giving today. He couldn’t help but wonder what her name could be or may be her age.
”Her hair didn’t have  artificial colouring as many girls are fond of. Nor he saw any grey  hair. So she couldn’t be old”, he said to himself. “But she was sleeping like an grandma, could she be sick??” He wondered. The more he thought about it, the more he was thinking about her and deep down somewhere  he was anticipating for a coincidence maybe.

His hands were still on the keys but weren’t moving. He was wondering, drifting in imagination and memories.
“Hey its time, lets go”, someone tapped on his shoulder from behind.
That booming sound felt like the atom bombs, (the bombs which were dropped on the land of japan that destroyed everythig ) that destroyed his imagination which was getting better each passing second.  He looked back to see who was the destroyer. It was his colleague Aman, with whom he he  shared a friendly rivalry when it came to work.  Then he looked at screen. It was 2 in the noon, the time to head out for  lunch.

“I don’t have money today as I happen to lose my wallet somewhere, today, you gotta pay for me. Is that okay??”, he asked Aman.
“Yeah!!! I got you covered for today, but you have pay me back someday”, said Aman.

In their way they he told Aman about the bus and his wallet incident. They headed to the usual, a small tea shop. Teashop for name sake but served al most everything from bakery items to fruits to its customers.

However, as said before  It wasn’t his day. When they got there, what they witnessed was that the tea with a diverse menu was shut firmly. They had no options but to go on hunt. That day he realized that the side of the road where his office was, was  lacking a decent place to sit and eat. 5 mins of walk with starving stomach forced them to crossed the road and go to the other side. A big hoarding board with a gigantic text on a bright red background read CHINESE FAST FOOD caught their eyes. That big letters drew them Inside the cafe. He didn’t consider to compare it with their old teashop as it was obviously better and bigger.

The cafe was full of people eating and the ambience was quite like of a bazar. People’s constant murmuring and the frequent shouting of the cashier from his desk to his men. The cafe was not that fancy where waiter would with a glass of water to take your order. The menu was placed beneath the glass for customers easy viewing. After you decide what you want to eat, you gotta go to the cashier and pay first before your order is placed. And when your order is ready someone with ridiculous voice would call your number on the mic that would come out even more ridiculously through the speakers on each corner.

He walked to desk and ordered one Fried rice and one Stir Fried noodles. Then paid for it and returned to tables with a paper cheat with a number 75 written on it. It was their serving number. Now Aman was doing al the talking about office chores and his affairs, on which he never had interest and never paid attention. He had no idea what so ever about Aman’s self explanatory subjects, the only he was doing g was waiting for his number 75 to echo through the speakers. It was his first time there, so he was observing in interior, the floor, the walls which excited him more then Aman’s affairs. He noticed a couple sitting in the corner table, the tables next to them was occupied by group of girls who were laughing in every 2 minutes or so. Looking at their matching outfits it was obvious that they were college students just like him and of his age too.
“Was she a college student too??” He questioned himself.
Suddenly out of nowhere she came into him and he was again back into his imagination.
“If she was one, why she was not wearing any uniform?”
He remembered she was wearing a blue top and may be jeans. He could clearly remember the bag she was holding, red leather bag with a big bow keyring hanging from a side of it. He remembered this because thus where the money came out.
“Maybe she had already finished her studies.”
“Or may be she had a sickness leave to see the doctor or so.”
May self prepared presumptions and assumptions, question and their answers were playing table tennis in his mind.

No. 75, No. 75, No. 75, the speakers and the ridiculous sound behind it destroyed his imagination and thoughts this time.
“WTF!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME??” he said to himself. He looked at his cheat with number 75 on it and paced toward the small window on the wall to get his order. His order were ready on plate with black lining at the edge.
“Her hair was quite beautiful!!” He thought.
“Arghhh….. What am I thinking ??”
He picked 2 spoons and 2 forks from a tray resting beside the window table.
He turned around, what he saw was girl with a blue top, open hair and tired face gazing at him.
“Is this the girl from the bus?”
“Well the color of her T-shirt is right.”
“Umm… The color of the hairr… Doesn’t seem right.”

He came to his senses and like a normal person, he said,”sorry”. Still trying hard to remember the face in bus he came to his table , still thinking and looking at the girl he just met.

“Could she be that girl??”
“The voice and the dress were similar.”
“But how did she looked like?”

“The girl by the window was still there, talking to the person inside. She looks angry as she was shouting at the man inside. Is there something wrong ?? ” he thought.

He waited for the girl to turn around so that he can compare her to the girl he met that morning.

She turned, this time the she had different expression on her face. She looked angry. He looked at her and got confused even more. He needed more evidences to confirm that this girl is the girl he met in bus. He looked at her as she came to her table. She drank her water in a draft and took a long breathe. She looked for something, she placed her bag on the table and looked inside.

he screamed unknowingly.
He drew everyone’s attention in cafe including hers.


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