“Don’t judge other unless you walk a mile in their shoe.”

I don’t remember who said it but definitely had said it right. Life of every individual is unique that only the individual knows who lives it. We as an outsider can never judge someone’s life form the surface.

As said, only the one lives it knows it because to know it you’ve to live it.

But in the never stopping time and never rejuvenating life, we often find ourselves lost in oblivion. Life goes on and we probably or never will learn the lesson we can actually learn from life.  We ignore so much and so many things that at one point life start appearing meaningless. However, embracing the fallacies we have, looking back at the mistakes, respecting yourself first before anyone does and try learning from everything might actually help in conquering the perks of sonder.  

For instance, let’s collect some shoes that we can get in our house. Because shoes can tell us a lot about a person and even more they can teach a lot of things in very unlikely way.

Now, compare the sizes. The sizes are different. The shoes you walked in on your own for the first time, the shoe you went to your school in and the shoes you are wearing right now. Witness the differences. The differences are the proof that we are growing up/ grew up.

May be at one point we realize that almost all the shoes sizes are same. That point is the present. It means you are matured physically and now it’s time we focus in psychological growth.  We are no longer the toddler who walks wrapping their tiny hand around their dad’s finger or the teenager who makes a lot of mistake in the process of learning and never realizes them.  If the size of our shoes is no longer expanding then it’s the time we start looking back to learn and make decisions in the present for the future.

Similarly, look how old and weary our shoes are. How much the sole of your shoes has depleted?  How thin the inner and the outer layers of your sole are? How many holes do they have? How old and wrinkled they look?

The dirtier they look, the smellier they are, the thinner the sole is, the more holes it holds and the more devastated they look, the more important knowledgeable teachers they could be. They can tell us about our struggle so far. They can tell how much have we walked in the path of our life journey. They may hold some pristine memories from the walk and even more lessons we need now. Furthermore, our continuous walk in a single pair will appear the oldest. Which means we have struggled in that shoe during that particular time of life the most.

For Eg: Our college shoes in which we walk everyday down the hall, into the grounds, into the classroom and so on will be the oldest, with most holes and the thinnest sole of all.

So let’s give a hell of salute and a clap of applause to the oldest shoe for being us through the toughest time.

If our shoes are new, no dirt on them, soles are thick, that means we had done nothing, nothing so far at least wearing that shoe. Make sure we look in the right shoe to learn from it.


Finally, it’s time we come out our shoe closet and look outside.

The time we come out, especially in and around the market we see a lot of people and we see a lot of shops. No doubts that there won’t be any shops that sells new shoes because no one buys old and used shoes. Every time we see the shoe that fancy us in display or simply being worn by some stranger on the road we want to have them.

Now, see this very situation like this. We coming out our closet mean we believe we are matured. We enter the market which means we enter the world, the society and the people walking in and around the market is everyone we meet and interact or do nothing with. They could be someone with help or someone who may stand as an obstacle in our life.

We may envy some people and the shoes they are wearing. The shoes on the display and the shoes people wear fancying us should be taken as the goal we want to reach. We have to make decision because we are out of closet among the world. There are needs and desire of ours. For that we have to make plans and execute them. Even if we have to struggle to reach them, let’s buy those shoes, let’s reach the shop, and let’s live the life like those wearing that shoe. Let’s set our goals like we set our eyes for shoes.  We must be willing to struggle more if we have to.

Or, do nothing and ignore your shoes.  


P.S. I don’t own the photo by any means.



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