Things were pretty tough
He knew
In hope
Things getting better
He lived

Things were still tough
He felt
It was love
He got strength
He lived

Things were changing
He looked
He dreamed
He tried adjusting
He survived

Time… time…. Time…
Day and night
He struggled
Helpless he felt
Support he got
He managed

Things changed
He reckoned
He realized
Things were still the same
He broke

Now, the time
Everything as ever before
The pain
The hardship
The struggle
The love
The hunger
No strength to bear them longer

He looked around
He saw nothing
The shadows
The shadows that mocked
The family that loved
The expression of faces
Miserable and inconsolable

He frowned
Rose from the ground
He stood
He choked
He didn’t think he could
He smiled
With teary eyes

He approach
Almost slipped
Near the rickety door
“I will back”, he said
As eye to eye farewell he paid

Soon he came out
He felt
The breeze
The rain
And a ton of weight
On his head
He walked

He didn’t look back
Down the alley
Across the bridge
In rain
He walked

At the edge of the bridge
He stood
He wiped his tears
Flicked his wet hair
For quite some time
Just, he just stood there
Couldn’t turn back

Still standing in silence
He cried inside
Tears bubbled in eyes
Came down
By the rainy ride
He still cried

Soon were hours passed by
The rain slowed
The dawn hurried
He started walking
Into the dark
Leaving no footprint
Leaving no tears
To track him down

Along the road….
His heart said RETURN!
His mind said DON’T!
He listened
And said
No I won’t

Along the road
Towards the alley he walked
He trod
Slowly in the shadows
He entered
First the feet
Then the back
Then the head
He vanished!!



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