They were loading the boxes filled with their essentials into the truck. The final preparations, the final arrangements, the final checklist before they move out. The curtain at her window was still shut and the windows locks were still firmly locked. She could see the lights entering piercing through the tightly woven threads of the curtains and and even imagined that they are moving from this room to that; the boxes are filling really fast and the worker were working really fast. But she didn’t dare to take a peek to what is happening in the house next door.
Oh!! How much she wished if everything can be played in slow motion so that she can have more time, just a little more time to think.
She was still angry about the night before. So angry that she didn’t even want to bid the last farewell. So tucked up inside her rage, she was missing the coat of their love crumbled somewhere inside. She knew he had to leave, it was not his choice nor his decision to move. But even she didn’t expect that he would leave her like that and the time would come this soon. What was stopping her from seeing him for the last time? Was it the anger for what he did to her or was it her insane love?
“I acted like a child, I was such a fool to get angry over on a small matter like that. It was just a birthday that he missed and didn’t even call me or met me just for a day. But how can he do something like that? How can he forget my birthday and didn’t let me about his whereabouts? But later he said sorry too many times too and i was the one who gave cold shoulder, even deleted his number and asked not to contact me from here on.I have said so much, may be too much but he always came back. May be I have said too too much this time. May be I upset him more than he did me”, she said to herself still rolled in her blankets with “Rapunzal” designs imprinted on.
“But what was all the things happened yesterday? Hi! I am moving! That’s it? Is that all he could have said in that moment? But wasn’t I the one to stop him and asked him not to talk any further? What about a sincere sorry? A sorry could have been enough, just a simple sorry after all those i am sorry he uttered before. Just I am moving and no details what so ever. He is the one who is not serious about anything at all. I could have forgave him the moment but he is too arrogant to say a simple sorry”, she murmured.
“But what about I? I could have asked him few more follow up questions when he said he was moving. May be I am the one who is not serious about all these and I am the with arrogance, so despo to look for a sorry from the man I loved. What do i do now? Should I go to see him and tell him that I forgive him and ask all little details about where, why is he moving or maybe I can stop him from moving.”, she continued to talk in her room alone.
Thinking he will come to see her one last time to say good bye, she decided to wait a little longer. “I will forgive him the moment he comes to say his goodbye”, she said and waited a little longer. But still she didn’t force herself to a little more to get off the bed and see him from the window.
She wanted to see him but not on her own will but his. Just a little longer and he will be here. The minutes were desperate and anxiety was building inside her. It was just a little push. It was just a little effort and little more feeling of love she needed to break the snares that was holding her back. But what she did, waited, just a little more for him to come to her. She heard the doors being shut next door and she said “ just a little longer and he will be here any moment”.
Then Suddenly!!The engines started outside followed by two loud horns.
Her heart sank a little deeper. A little more time she took to soaked everything that happened in those few seconds. She didn’t dare to open up the curtain but she rushed down to her front door. The truck he was in was in sight but was far enough for her calling go unheard. She called his name a few time and even ran barefoot to the end of her lawn. She needed some air to catch her breath with all that running and shouting.
“He didn’t even care to look back”, she said to herself finally with a little more pain in her heart.

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