It started rolling
Rolled through the way
Didn’t care where it rolled
Rolled through the smooth
Rolled through the rough
Rolled hard up
Rolled fast down
Rolled when didn’t want
Rolled when none around
Rolled when world around
Rolled when happy
Rolled when sad
Rolled when sane
Rolled madly insane
With tears in eyes
With grin in sight
With pain in heart
Without gain in hand
It just rolled
And keep rolling

It kept questioning
Questioned throughout life
Never got the answers
Questions kept searching
Questioned for answers
Questioned for satisfaction
Questioned for containment
Questioned to know
Questioned why??
Questioned why not ??
So many questions but
But no answers
Why me
Why not them
Why I am me
Why not I am thee
Why not for me but
But for them
Why grief and no joy
Why pain no happiness
Why poor no riches
Why broken no strength
Why limit no infinity
Why death no eternity
Why hate no love
Just questions
A lot of ’em
Keep coming
The questions in


We keep holding
Holding the rights and the wrongs
Never know why holding
Held the breathing
Held the crying
Held the loving
Held the laughing
Held the nagging
Held Every
Held none
When must lived, held
When must brust, held
When must happy, held
When must know, held
Laughed, cried and nagged
Held the clean
Held the gritty
Been through the ragged
No questions
No answers
No and just no
Lived no life
Had no life
Know no life
All held
None loosen
All held


Rolled and kept rolling
No answers, holding
No life, holding
Holding, life, rolling! Rolling!!


Did You Behold the Sky Tonight

Did you behold the sky tonight

The gust today wasn’t so Gusty
The cold today wasn’t so chilly
The moon just wasn’t so bright
By any chance
Did you behold the sky tonight?

The trees didn’t stood still, moved
The leaves didn’t swril down, flew
Something just wasn’t quite right
Just curios
Did you behold the sky tonight?

The clouds above didn’t sway
The river was tired and paused
What a thing, what a sight
I want to know
Did you behold the sky tonight?

My heart is ok, just not so well
Body is here, mind loves to dwell
Little I was worried, pretty uptight
Just answer me
If you did behold the sky tonight??