“I want to tell you a story today”, he said and waited patiently for her response.

After few minutes of silence, she took her fingertip to the edge of the page and flipped it over. Raise her head and said “Really? What kind?”


“You soon will know”, he said.

“Ok”, he said and began.

Once upon a time, she said, “wait! Wait! Stop! Stop right there, you said a story , you know how much I hate an unrealistic, cheesy fairytale.”

He was not amused when she said that, “I thought every girls like that kinda story”, he said. “Well not every girl, you see”, she said. She was confident when she said and she sounded true. Certainly, she doesn’t look like the girl who would fall for those stories where prince comes riding his horse across the jungles and saves the damsel in distress or the princess in trouble.

She was unique from others. ‘Odd and weird’ others said but peculiarity of hers is what drawn him to her. When most girls struggled in heels and tight dress, she flip flopped and clad in sweat shirts and sweat pants. Her fading-blonde-colored-hair would often get entangled in the nerdy eggy round glasses she would wear. Sometimes, outraged, she would complaint about it saying “unmanageable giantess hair, I will get rid of you completely someday”. He would often tell her to take off her glasses so that he can see her almond shaped eyes, but she would protest and say “ If I take them off I can’t see you, I have eye-sight of a granny”, and laugh.

She liked books and would make herself cozy anywhere when she holds a book. She would take her flips flops off even in public seats and start reading as if she is in her room and no one watching. She was the perfect example of being true to oneself. So, he would often ask her if she is bringing her book too when they plan to meet, so that he can decide where to meet. He liked to see her reading and to read out the words to him while he places his head on her lap. So, if she replies yes, he would often propose to meet in a park because there’s no better magic than the magic cast by book, love and nature together.

She has that rusty-dry voice which she often compares with old washing machine. But he says when she speaks she sounds very sexy and often request to sing for him. For which her reply would be “I will sing for you one day, wait for it”. He is still waiting. She had a small mole which is hidden unless you see it from underneath. He would often stare at it when she would read to him. It looks funny when she moves her mouth and makes it move and juggle a little here and a little there as if sesame seed jumps on a hot pan. He often imagines how it would look when she twists her mouth when she eats something very sour and spicy. She says she can handle spicy. But no! She just can’t. He just has to preorder something sweet if she orders something spicy.

While he was very confined and introvert she was outspoken. She didn’t mind to openly talk about her not so positive opinion about religion, politics, norms, rules anywhere with anyone. She was one quarrel bomb when ignited, just brace yourself she has all the logic to support her claims. This is one of the reasons why she had very few friends, actually just one. He remembered when she introduced him to her first time; she spent the entire time in the coffee shop staring at him. He was so scared that he even hesitated to move his eyes. Her staring made him nervous then that he  was that he befriended her too. But, now, there is no more staring and he can feel comfortable around her. There’s no more interrogation and he knew that she will have her and he won’t be there.

He had never seen her crying. Her fondness to horror, cult movies and loathing the so called cheesy love tales, explains a lot why she hardly gets emotional.

But, today he wanted to experiment. He wanted to twist and turn the once upon a time into something original, emotional to see what if and what will happen if. He was looking for a way to express what he wanted to say, a story he wanted weave, a story to tell his story. There were things he had yet to share with her, he was so much intimidated by her that he can’t think of any other ways than to tell her a story. He loved her, it’s just that. There’s no denial, no fancy fortifying and exaggerating, no decoration, it is just love. That’s why today he wanted to tell her that he was going. He couldn’t be with her even if he wanted, he had no option, and he was going. He didn’t want to but he just couldn’t and he was being taken away from her and from everyone.

“Hey! What happened? Do I have to wait longer for your story to begin? Is there something in my face that you have been staring at it for a while?” she said.

He just realized that he’s been staring at her and came to his senses.

“It’s nothing, I forgot the story, I will make one soon for you”, he said and looked outside as the waiter was serving other customers in the garden area.

“What happened to you? You are acting weird” she said and gazed down to continue reading where she left.

There is now silence as they both, him fixed with outside world and her on words in pages wait until their order arrived; a spicy chicken noodles and a chocolate ice-cream, just in case. 🙂


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