That Day (part-2)

Somehow his mind was still hovering in thoughts and trying to process his unintended impolite behavior he showed this morning. Not even a gesture expressing your gratitude. What an ass!!! He thought of hinself and kept thinking about that life savior.

Looking form outside he was in the office, and moving his fingers on the keys on the board. Data entry is what his work was all about. All day long, what he had to do was input names and numbers in the computer. He never gave interest in names and numbers as he was giving today. He couldn’t help but wonder what her name could be or may be her age.
”Her hair didn’t have  artificial colouring as many girls are fond of. Nor he saw any grey  hair. So she couldn’t be old”, he said to himself. “But she was sleeping like an grandma, could she be sick??” He wondered. The more he thought about it, the more he was thinking about her and deep down somewhere  he was anticipating for a coincidence maybe.

His hands were still on the keys but weren’t moving. He was wondering, drifting in imagination and memories.
“Hey its time, lets go”, someone tapped on his shoulder from behind.
That booming sound felt like the atom bombs, (the bombs which were dropped on the land of japan that destroyed everythig ) that destroyed his imagination which was getting better each passing second.  He looked back to see who was the destroyer. It was his colleague Aman, with whom he he  shared a friendly rivalry when it came to work.  Then he looked at screen. It was 2 in the noon, the time to head out for  lunch.

“I don’t have money today as I happen to lose my wallet somewhere, today, you gotta pay for me. Is that okay??”, he asked Aman.
“Yeah!!! I got you covered for today, but you have pay me back someday”, said Aman.

In their way they he told Aman about the bus and his wallet incident. They headed to the usual, a small tea shop. Teashop for name sake but served al most everything from bakery items to fruits to its customers.

However, as said before  It wasn’t his day. When they got there, what they witnessed was that the tea with a diverse menu was shut firmly. They had no options but to go on hunt. That day he realized that the side of the road where his office was, was  lacking a decent place to sit and eat. 5 mins of walk with starving stomach forced them to crossed the road and go to the other side. A big hoarding board with a gigantic text on a bright red background read CHINESE FAST FOOD caught their eyes. That big letters drew them Inside the cafe. He didn’t consider to compare it with their old teashop as it was obviously better and bigger.

The cafe was full of people eating and the ambience was quite like of a bazar. People’s constant murmuring and the frequent shouting of the cashier from his desk to his men. The cafe was not that fancy where waiter would with a glass of water to take your order. The menu was placed beneath the glass for customers easy viewing. After you decide what you want to eat, you gotta go to the cashier and pay first before your order is placed. And when your order is ready someone with ridiculous voice would call your number on the mic that would come out even more ridiculously through the speakers on each corner.

He walked to desk and ordered one Fried rice and one Stir Fried noodles. Then paid for it and returned to tables with a paper cheat with a number 75 written on it. It was their serving number. Now Aman was doing al the talking about office chores and his affairs, on which he never had interest and never paid attention. He had no idea what so ever about Aman’s self explanatory subjects, the only he was doing g was waiting for his number 75 to echo through the speakers. It was his first time there, so he was observing in interior, the floor, the walls which excited him more then Aman’s affairs. He noticed a couple sitting in the corner table, the tables next to them was occupied by group of girls who were laughing in every 2 minutes or so. Looking at their matching outfits it was obvious that they were college students just like him and of his age too.
“Was she a college student too??” He questioned himself.
Suddenly out of nowhere she came into him and he was again back into his imagination.
“If she was one, why she was not wearing any uniform?”
He remembered she was wearing a blue top and may be jeans. He could clearly remember the bag she was holding, red leather bag with a big bow keyring hanging from a side of it. He remembered this because thus where the money came out.
“Maybe she had already finished her studies.”
“Or may be she had a sickness leave to see the doctor or so.”
May self prepared presumptions and assumptions, question and their answers were playing table tennis in his mind.

No. 75, No. 75, No. 75, the speakers and the ridiculous sound behind it destroyed his imagination and thoughts this time.
“WTF!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME??” he said to himself. He looked at his cheat with number 75 on it and paced toward the small window on the wall to get his order. His order were ready on plate with black lining at the edge.
“Her hair was quite beautiful!!” He thought.
“Arghhh….. What am I thinking ??”
He picked 2 spoons and 2 forks from a tray resting beside the window table.
He turned around, what he saw was girl with a blue top, open hair and tired face gazing at him.
“Is this the girl from the bus?”
“Well the color of her T-shirt is right.”
“Umm… The color of the hairr… Doesn’t seem right.”

He came to his senses and like a normal person, he said,”sorry”. Still trying hard to remember the face in bus he came to his table , still thinking and looking at the girl he just met.

“Could she be that girl??”
“The voice and the dress were similar.”
“But how did she looked like?”

“The girl by the window was still there, talking to the person inside. She looks angry as she was shouting at the man inside. Is there something wrong ?? ” he thought.

He waited for the girl to turn around so that he can compare her to the girl he met that morning.

She turned, this time the she had different expression on her face. She looked angry. He looked at her and got confused even more. He needed more evidences to confirm that this girl is the girl he met in bus. He looked at her as she came to her table. She drank her water in a draft and took a long breathe. She looked for something, she placed her bag on the table and looked inside.

he screamed unknowingly.
He drew everyone’s attention in cafe including hers.


That Day

It was supposed be a normal morning for him like everyone’s else. He was a regular guy, living in a big city, studying and doing a job to sustain.

But it turned out that this morning wasn’t like the usual morning at all. His tea on the gas was supposed to get ready when he got back from bathroom. However, When he got back, the tea was still cold,just the way he left it. He didn’t had time to see what has gone wrong as he was getting late for his college. He carried his bag and walked to his college. He had his tea and ordered his usual snack at the college canteen but since it wasn’t the usual morning he didn’t get what he asked for because the cook at the canteen wasn’t well. He had his tea, paid for it and went to his class.

After the end of college, hoping to had his lunch at office he waited for the bus. The bus came, it was crowed, nothing to get surprised about. But today the bus looked little bit more crowed he thought. He hopped in pushing himself through. He wasn’t thinking about anything, at least he didn’t think that, someone on the seat he was barely standing by would get off this soon. It was an open chance , an opportunity he wouldn’t like to miss and sat down as soon as that somebody got off.  Having a full stomach wouldn’t have made him this happy that he was feeling to enjoy the ride to office unlike majority in bus.

He couldn’t ignore but there was somebody at the window seat. A quick glance at that somebody he realized , it was a girl , a girl with open hair with her head leaning against the front seat, may be half asleep. He didn’t care. The bus stopped in many stops, many  squeezed in and many freed themselves. He looked outside. The next stop was his. He got his ID card from his bag and reached for his wallet. WTF!!! WHERE DID I PUT MY WALLET?? He rummaged through this pant, from the belt buckle to the tip of his pant at the bottom. He searched high and low, inside out his entire bag. He didn’t find it. Holy shit!!! What do I do now???

He paid at the canteen which means he was carrying his wallet but where is it now?? Fu*** fu***fu****. He looked at the bus conductor to if he can make a deal there. He couldn’t see him. He needed just Rs 10. He started flipping through his books inside his bag thinking may be he had put some money in between the pages accidentally in the past and had forgotten. It wasn’t his day after all. Desperate search gone in vain.

He couldn’t think of anything but to ask for Rs 10 with the half asleep girl at his side.  He took a deep breathe and poked on her shoulder with his index finger. Once, twice, thrice. She didn’t respond. Is she dead or was I too gentle?? Fu**!!! He said to himself. Now, he joined his index and middle fingers together and poked a little harder. Once, twice….. There was a movement. Now the embarrassing moment begins he thought. He said,”excuse me! I think I lost my wallet and I don’t have money to pay the bus fare. Would you mind, lending me Rs 10?? I’ll make sure to return it to you if you give me your number.”

“What!!! Come again. I didn’t hear what you said”, she said. With a slightly half opened eyes. WTF!! He said to himself. For a moment, he thought forget it. But then he knew that he had to get off soon and he didn’t have money. So he looked at her again feeling most embarrassed he had ever felt. Can you lend me Rs 10, I lost my wallet somewhere, he said in a single breathe. With her eyes wide open, huh!! What?? Ok!! Here it is taking a note of 10 rs out from her purse.

He was wrong when he thought he felt the happiest while getting to sit before, it was now getting the money. With a sigh of relief he promised to return her money back. “Never mind, it could happen to anyone, Rs 10 is not a big money. Dont bother”, she said. Before he could say more he had to rush to door with that ever so precious Rs 10 to get off. When he got off, WTF.. I didn’t even thanked her. What happened to me?? What she might thinking about me?? What sort of uncivilized, uneducated person I’m. Ohhh… Shit!!

To be contd….


A lesser truth.
Some bitter sweet.
The Deceitful you.
Honest me.

Some resolute clouds.
A swaying town.
Some painful joy.
Soothing pain.

Silence that speaks.
The voices unheard.
Beauties are ignored.
Vicious approved.

The shorter life.
The longer list.
The blury Sunshine.
Crystal mist.

The Dishonour earned.
The courtesy lost.
Running from light.
Luminescent darkness.

A ethereal love.
The extreme aura.
A chase for nothing.
Aimless running.


Life goes on, things happen.
Time goes on, people pass by.
What I have is dream,
Dream that is all mine.

We are sad, but we’re happy sometime.
We’ve pain, but joyous moment soemtime.
It may sounds crazy,
The dream that is sublime.

Everyday we meet, but have to separate someday.
Luck is not in my favour now, but it will be someday.
Though my dream is crazy, sublime and luminescent.
And I know it will be real someday.

Disappointments :(

“No you can’t have it”
for an anaswer from mom when we used to fancy things and wanted to have it, made us DISAPPOINTED.
When we were little the only things that made us disappointed was the things we wanted. The rejection from our parents is what used to make it worse. Our demands were dynamic and changed with the number of shops and streets.

At a shop we get disappointed and in the next shop of the next corner our hopes again high with no signs of previous disappointments. And it was the beauty of those time and disappointments associated with that time. The utmost thing we could do when disappointed was starve ourselves but only until we feel hungry.


As we grow older, the rejections are same…. our demands and the level of being disappointed are the only things that has changed in due course of time. The hopes and disappointments are no longer changing with the corner or streets rather they grow even more. and We end up hurting our self. Life is full of such disappointments…. it’s a part of growing up… proving ourselves that we are moving on….to make ourselves strong…. to make sure that we can live up……and to know that there are other things worthy enough to leave what made us disappointed.

Why things cant be the same as it was before? Why even going through the same experience and path have different level of disappointments?

When little, Were we matured enough to accept the rejection and move on with new hopes? or were we immature to let go things so easy?

No matter what is right, the thing here is that we were happy, moving on was easy, hurt less. We were disappointed but we were good at letting things go and move on.


The magic place

Fingers on KEYBOARD

Butt down

EYES gazing on computer

the urge of wanting to write something but the result is a blank…………. white screen.

So what I did, I changed the background color…. hahaha…. 🙂

I’m one hundred and more percent sure that including me that many of ours mind functions not in front of the computer screen but somewhere else.


1st place- TOILET

For me the TOILET works the best. I always has crazy imaginations and ideas. Ideas to do this , imaginations I can’t even think of. Its just a lot, countless. For me the toilet is not a place to leave something behind but to take a lot outside. The moment I enter, my mind starts running.

May be it runs so fast inside that it gets tired and runs slow outside. :/ The four walls of toilet is a big LED screen for me, where I can search, type, process, acquire and GENERATE something new. But the problem is that the ideas tries to remain contain inside those for walls. The moment I come outside, only a few portion of those ideas comes out with. I return again and what happens ….. NEW IDEAS and NEW IMAGINATIONS happens.

So my plan is to take a notepad and a pencil so scribble it down the moment I get those ideas. 🙂 though I haven’t it yet, but soon in future.

2nd- BED

Metal made body of mine somehow gets lured towards my MAGNET bed. But the moment my body lies down magic happens. 🙂 The magic that provokes my mind and brings out all those ideas that could never enter my mind during the daytime. Bed is a magical place for me, full of stars, colors, a big white canvas to put my ideas into, draw my imagination, give birth to unimaginable ideas.

Bed is for taking rest but my mind make the best.

3rd- The road

It happens all the time. When I’m on my way to work. Between the traffic and the crowd my mind takes it flight and lands somewhere beautiful world of imagination. Where everything is perfect. I can do anything. Those ideas can get born with every footsteps. Those ideas that that pops up with every dash that people gives me.

These are my magic place. I suppose everyone have theirs. I wish i can be into these place all the time….. but see the problem is that I can’t be in these place for a long time. From toilet I have get out to let others get in, I can’t kept walking because definitely I will reach my destination with that much walking. And moreover I can’t sleep all the time until there is something wrong. 🙂 There is no genie and such things, the magic is in you, you just need to find your magical place, place to unlock that magic in you. 😉



Choice to be HAPPY :)

Choice made choosing the color of your shirt you want to buy or picking up a ‘Who Wants To Te a Millionaire’ final answer in case of not knowing the answer. The CHOICE we make will bring a change for sure. In the first case wearing your favorite will make you happy and in the other if the answer is correct your life will change and if not you will regret.

CHOICE we make will bring a change for sure. Small or big but undoubted change is there.

Everyday, knowingly or unknowingly we make lots of choices. Choices that will make us happy, Choices that will make us sad, Choices that will make us to feel regret, Choices that will break us, Choices that will build us. What is unknowingly done is not in our grip, as to say the decision made in haste, the choices upon we know nothing about. But what about the choices that we have control upon? what about the decisions we have lot time to think for? What about the choices that could cheer us and make us happy? or the choices that will smack us and push us to melancholy.

Choosing the dish from a restaurant menu or choosing your job. Choosing in which side of a bus you want to sit if place available or the course you want to study further. The TV channel you want to watch or the football team you want to support. Well this is not all, its just a few cases that popped up at the very moment. Besides then all this and more than this you have tons of situations when you have to make choices, choices you make for yourself. Choices to look good, be good , to look happy and be happy is always with you. Because every single day you make choices.


IF…… If you have a choice, a choice to make between then there is no wrong going with what your heart says. Mind plays a lot, attempts to make the righteous, unreasonable, ethical and virtues choices. This is not wrong, and is very good to think. But go with your heart if you want to be happy, if you want to enjoy because what heart know is happiness and joy to maximum limits. The choices that is made by heat, I’m concerned about others but but guarantee will make you happy. Not doing it and be happy is far better than doing it and being sad.

Your mind says get up do exercise be healthy and your heart says sleep for a while. Mind says study, practice and heart says ahh don’t worry there is second chance for everyone. Mind: unhealthy don’t , heart- it’s tasty try. When mind says it’s too dangerous the heart says its the LIFE you are getting just once.

So make choices and be happy who knows the December 2012 might waiting to return.





it’s sour when you can’t get it

it’s sour when you can’t get it

I suppose that everyone have heard the story of a fox who desires to eat grapes that cling on higher place that he cannot reach. He tries so hard but becomes unsuccessful to get it. So at the and what he does is, he describes the grape as sour as goes from there.

So yes the same axiom can be applied in so many places in life. You cannot get everything in life that you want. There are thing that is way out of your hand. You try so hard but still it seems it is out of your reach. In such situation rather then feeling disheartened and sad just find some fault in it try o leave it. Trying is one thing, trying so hard is another but still not getting it is  totally out the league. So what you can simply do is, do your best to find something that will help you to leave it and forget about it.

Motivation is in the air….. LOL

Let me relate it to mine experiences.


It’s been long since I wanted to have a tablet ( not the medicine :D). I have worked so hard for it, I worked  more then 18 hours a day for it. But every time I receive my salary form my office, I don’t know whether the money was flying or leaking from somewhere. I never had enough, found out that my basic needs were crucial then my desires. 1st i was unhappy because I was getting so little sleep 2nd I didn’t get what I wanted. So either way I was not happy, so what I did was, for some time I decided not to run after fulfilling my desires. For that I said to myself “tablet!!! if you have a phone and a computer why to have it???? You are going to have a WiFi connection everywhere so what is the use ???, you can play game on mobile too…… furthermore you are running a firm that requires so much of social connection every time and every minute. 😛 and more to that I asked my self why was I trying so hard to have something that is not even going have great positive impact upon whatever.” :/

This is how I made it look at and managed to persuade my heart 😀

There are thousand ways to look at things, choose the best you can find and that suits you the best. I not telling you stop running after what you want, it’s just what is the point if that running is ruining your present. Even enough things can bring happiness if you search for it. At least I’m happy now with what i have. Sometimes those things wander around my thoughts but again I say ti myself ” DON”T WORRY BE HAPPY YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT WHEN THE RIGHT TIMES COMES”.



the you DREAM

A broadly talked and abundant topic ” DREAM ”

Yes,the same ‘dream’ , not only the dream that comes to you when your eyes are closed but the dream that resists you from closing your eyes. 😀


We all are unique one way or other, even twins who come to earth with no time difference of seconds are different to one another. So it’s more then obvious that we are less likely to share common things. Our physic, critical analysis, opinion and more than that the choices we make and the dreams we share vary, and there is no duality.

Your dreams changes with the seasons if you are not focused. If you are not sure what you like and what you have in you, with you and the uniqueness  that makes you “YOU and sets you apart from others. it’s true that DREAMS helps you to set goals in life, but what about the price that comes with it ?? Dream’s price had never comes easy to anyone. Big or small dream is dream and is priceless. My dream varies from yours, your varies from others the prices that I’m bound and obedient to bestow upon depends. more bigger the dream the higher the endeavor.

Bigger and higher the dream the more commitment it sees. No wonder the query may rise about what if i have more than one dreams ??? it’s not that difficult to acknowledge , simply having two dreams is like the attempt of being on same boat once. It’s not impossible, rather it’s entirely depends upon how able are you or how competent are you. it’s you , your DREAM , your effort , your commitment and your success and a shared HAPPINESS to your loved ones.



the LAZY me or the CALM ????

waking up just 30 minute before my office time, brushing while pooping, eating my morning meal in hurry and finally 5 to 10 minutes I surf net , or lay on bed or sometimes just shake my sturdy body to random music. I do it not because I have some time left but because i want to do it for me and I like doing it.

Well I know that I’m getting late for my work but my mind or say my heart had never told me to hurry, well it hadn’t until now.  Work is important , my responsibility is important that comes along with the work, but still i care not to hurry. I get to work late but not that late, but even if get to my office late i know the work that i do all day long in that office is 100 %, not because i have to give my 100% but because my morning has started the way i want to. just to get office in time and to leave a impression on boss is never been my tactic. I know i’m late but i know m gonna be fine and fresh all day long. 

I don’t care if the five or lets say 10 minutes being makes my whole day smooth then why to hurry and give pressure to my soft kitty like brain. having said so much about me, well I’m infused between is my habit is defined LAZY is a cool CALM ???

A day has only 24 hours of which you donate more then half of it to your NAP , remaining to your work then what is wrong if you give 5 or 10 minutes for yourself ?? This few minutes makes my whole day and may make yours too. Work is not everything and the end the most important thing is be happy. If that happiness gonna cost you 5 or 10 minutes from your devoted work time then there is no sin that u gonna fell into by doing so.

Being on time at office and tackle that all day long stress of work, coming back home tired with a few percentage of body battery. What can you expect to do beside sleeping? well i certainly can’t. So see you missed that personal moment for yourself that could have made you happy and make your day way better than this. So there is nothing wrong being calm and steal a few moment to cherish, a moment a day to feel happy, a moment you decide for yourself.

Well overall in my perception this is not laziness towards work that I have but I’m being calm and taking a time out from this 24 hours that i devote to things other than me. 🙂