Learn from your Shoes!

We ignore so much and so many things that at one point life start appearing meaningless. However, embracing the fallacies we have, looking back at the mistakes, respecting yourself first before any…

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Learn from your Shoes!


“Don’t judge other unless you walk a mile in their shoe.”

I don’t remember who said it but definitely had said it right. Life of every individual is unique that only the individual knows who lives it. We as an outsider can never judge someone’s life form the surface.

As said, only the one lives it knows it because to know it you’ve to live it.

But in the never stopping time and never rejuvenating life, we often find ourselves lost in oblivion. Life goes on and we probably or never will learn the lesson we can actually learn from life.  We ignore so much and so many things that at one point life start appearing meaningless. However, embracing the fallacies we have, looking back at the mistakes, respecting yourself first before anyone does and try learning from everything might actually help in conquering the perks of sonder.  

For instance, let’s collect some shoes that we can get in our house. Because shoes can tell us a lot about a person and even more they can teach a lot of things in very unlikely way.

Now, compare the sizes. The sizes are different. The shoes you walked in on your own for the first time, the shoe you went to your school in and the shoes you are wearing right now. Witness the differences. The differences are the proof that we are growing up/ grew up.

May be at one point we realize that almost all the shoes sizes are same. That point is the present. It means you are matured physically and now it’s time we focus in psychological growth.  We are no longer the toddler who walks wrapping their tiny hand around their dad’s finger or the teenager who makes a lot of mistake in the process of learning and never realizes them.  If the size of our shoes is no longer expanding then it’s the time we start looking back to learn and make decisions in the present for the future.

Similarly, look how old and weary our shoes are. How much the sole of your shoes has depleted?  How thin the inner and the outer layers of your sole are? How many holes do they have? How old and wrinkled they look?

The dirtier they look, the smellier they are, the thinner the sole is, the more holes it holds and the more devastated they look, the more important knowledgeable teachers they could be. They can tell us about our struggle so far. They can tell how much have we walked in the path of our life journey. They may hold some pristine memories from the walk and even more lessons we need now. Furthermore, our continuous walk in a single pair will appear the oldest. Which means we have struggled in that shoe during that particular time of life the most.

For Eg: Our college shoes in which we walk everyday down the hall, into the grounds, into the classroom and so on will be the oldest, with most holes and the thinnest sole of all.

So let’s give a hell of salute and a clap of applause to the oldest shoe for being us through the toughest time.

If our shoes are new, no dirt on them, soles are thick, that means we had done nothing, nothing so far at least wearing that shoe. Make sure we look in the right shoe to learn from it.


Finally, it’s time we come out our shoe closet and look outside.

The time we come out, especially in and around the market we see a lot of people and we see a lot of shops. No doubts that there won’t be any shops that sells new shoes because no one buys old and used shoes. Every time we see the shoe that fancy us in display or simply being worn by some stranger on the road we want to have them.

Now, see this very situation like this. We coming out our closet mean we believe we are matured. We enter the market which means we enter the world, the society and the people walking in and around the market is everyone we meet and interact or do nothing with. They could be someone with help or someone who may stand as an obstacle in our life.

We may envy some people and the shoes they are wearing. The shoes on the display and the shoes people wear fancying us should be taken as the goal we want to reach. We have to make decision because we are out of closet among the world. There are needs and desire of ours. For that we have to make plans and execute them. Even if we have to struggle to reach them, let’s buy those shoes, let’s reach the shop, and let’s live the life like those wearing that shoe. Let’s set our goals like we set our eyes for shoes.  We must be willing to struggle more if we have to.

Or, do nothing and ignore your shoes.  


P.S. I don’t own the photo by any means.


That Day (part-2)

Somehow his mind was still hovering in thoughts and trying to process his unintended impolite behavior he showed this morning. Not even a gesture expressing your gratitude. What an ass!!! He thought of hinself and kept thinking about that life savior.

Looking form outside he was in the office, and moving his fingers on the keys on the board. Data entry is what his work was all about. All day long, what he had to do was input names and numbers in the computer. He never gave interest in names and numbers as he was giving today. He couldn’t help but wonder what her name could be or may be her age.
”Her hair didn’t have  artificial colouring as many girls are fond of. Nor he saw any grey  hair. So she couldn’t be old”, he said to himself. “But she was sleeping like an grandma, could she be sick??” He wondered. The more he thought about it, the more he was thinking about her and deep down somewhere  he was anticipating for a coincidence maybe.

His hands were still on the keys but weren’t moving. He was wondering, drifting in imagination and memories.
“Hey its time, lets go”, someone tapped on his shoulder from behind.
That booming sound felt like the atom bombs, (the bombs which were dropped on the land of japan that destroyed everythig ) that destroyed his imagination which was getting better each passing second.  He looked back to see who was the destroyer. It was his colleague Aman, with whom he he  shared a friendly rivalry when it came to work.  Then he looked at screen. It was 2 in the noon, the time to head out for  lunch.

“I don’t have money today as I happen to lose my wallet somewhere, today, you gotta pay for me. Is that okay??”, he asked Aman.
“Yeah!!! I got you covered for today, but you have pay me back someday”, said Aman.

In their way they he told Aman about the bus and his wallet incident. They headed to the usual, a small tea shop. Teashop for name sake but served al most everything from bakery items to fruits to its customers.

However, as said before  It wasn’t his day. When they got there, what they witnessed was that the tea with a diverse menu was shut firmly. They had no options but to go on hunt. That day he realized that the side of the road where his office was, was  lacking a decent place to sit and eat. 5 mins of walk with starving stomach forced them to crossed the road and go to the other side. A big hoarding board with a gigantic text on a bright red background read CHINESE FAST FOOD caught their eyes. That big letters drew them Inside the cafe. He didn’t consider to compare it with their old teashop as it was obviously better and bigger.

The cafe was full of people eating and the ambience was quite like of a bazar. People’s constant murmuring and the frequent shouting of the cashier from his desk to his men. The cafe was not that fancy where waiter would with a glass of water to take your order. The menu was placed beneath the glass for customers easy viewing. After you decide what you want to eat, you gotta go to the cashier and pay first before your order is placed. And when your order is ready someone with ridiculous voice would call your number on the mic that would come out even more ridiculously through the speakers on each corner.

He walked to desk and ordered one Fried rice and one Stir Fried noodles. Then paid for it and returned to tables with a paper cheat with a number 75 written on it. It was their serving number. Now Aman was doing al the talking about office chores and his affairs, on which he never had interest and never paid attention. He had no idea what so ever about Aman’s self explanatory subjects, the only he was doing g was waiting for his number 75 to echo through the speakers. It was his first time there, so he was observing in interior, the floor, the walls which excited him more then Aman’s affairs. He noticed a couple sitting in the corner table, the tables next to them was occupied by group of girls who were laughing in every 2 minutes or so. Looking at their matching outfits it was obvious that they were college students just like him and of his age too.
“Was she a college student too??” He questioned himself.
Suddenly out of nowhere she came into him and he was again back into his imagination.
“If she was one, why she was not wearing any uniform?”
He remembered she was wearing a blue top and may be jeans. He could clearly remember the bag she was holding, red leather bag with a big bow keyring hanging from a side of it. He remembered this because thus where the money came out.
“Maybe she had already finished her studies.”
“Or may be she had a sickness leave to see the doctor or so.”
May self prepared presumptions and assumptions, question and their answers were playing table tennis in his mind.

No. 75, No. 75, No. 75, the speakers and the ridiculous sound behind it destroyed his imagination and thoughts this time.
“WTF!! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME??” he said to himself. He looked at his cheat with number 75 on it and paced toward the small window on the wall to get his order. His order were ready on plate with black lining at the edge.
“Her hair was quite beautiful!!” He thought.
“Arghhh….. What am I thinking ??”
He picked 2 spoons and 2 forks from a tray resting beside the window table.
He turned around, what he saw was girl with a blue top, open hair and tired face gazing at him.
“Is this the girl from the bus?”
“Well the color of her T-shirt is right.”
“Umm… The color of the hairr… Doesn’t seem right.”

He came to his senses and like a normal person, he said,”sorry”. Still trying hard to remember the face in bus he came to his table , still thinking and looking at the girl he just met.

“Could she be that girl??”
“The voice and the dress were similar.”
“But how did she looked like?”

“The girl by the window was still there, talking to the person inside. She looks angry as she was shouting at the man inside. Is there something wrong ?? ” he thought.

He waited for the girl to turn around so that he can compare her to the girl he met that morning.

She turned, this time the she had different expression on her face. She looked angry. He looked at her and got confused even more. He needed more evidences to confirm that this girl is the girl he met in bus. He looked at her as she came to her table. She drank her water in a draft and took a long breathe. She looked for something, she placed her bag on the table and looked inside.

he screamed unknowingly.
He drew everyone’s attention in cafe including hers.

That Day

It was supposed be a normal morning for him like everyone’s else. He was a regular guy, living in a big city, studying and doing a job to sustain.

But it turned out that this morning wasn’t like the usual morning at all. His tea on the gas was supposed to get ready when he got back from bathroom. However, When he got back, the tea was still cold,just the way he left it. He didn’t had time to see what has gone wrong as he was getting late for his college. He carried his bag and walked to his college. He had his tea and ordered his usual snack at the college canteen but since it wasn’t the usual morning he didn’t get what he asked for because the cook at the canteen wasn’t well. He had his tea, paid for it and went to his class.

After the end of college, hoping to had his lunch at office he waited for the bus. The bus came, it was crowed, nothing to get surprised about. But today the bus looked little bit more crowed he thought. He hopped in pushing himself through. He wasn’t thinking about anything, at least he didn’t think that, someone on the seat he was barely standing by would get off this soon. It was an open chance , an opportunity he wouldn’t like to miss and sat down as soon as that somebody got off.  Having a full stomach wouldn’t have made him this happy that he was feeling to enjoy the ride to office unlike majority in bus.

He couldn’t ignore but there was somebody at the window seat. A quick glance at that somebody he realized , it was a girl , a girl with open hair with her head leaning against the front seat, may be half asleep. He didn’t care. The bus stopped in many stops, many  squeezed in and many freed themselves. He looked outside. The next stop was his. He got his ID card from his bag and reached for his wallet. WTF!!! WHERE DID I PUT MY WALLET?? He rummaged through this pant, from the belt buckle to the tip of his pant at the bottom. He searched high and low, inside out his entire bag. He didn’t find it. Holy shit!!! What do I do now???

He paid at the canteen which means he was carrying his wallet but where is it now?? Fu*** fu***fu****. He looked at the bus conductor to if he can make a deal there. He couldn’t see him. He needed just Rs 10. He started flipping through his books inside his bag thinking may be he had put some money in between the pages accidentally in the past and had forgotten. It wasn’t his day after all. Desperate search gone in vain.

He couldn’t think of anything but to ask for Rs 10 with the half asleep girl at his side.  He took a deep breathe and poked on her shoulder with his index finger. Once, twice, thrice. She didn’t respond. Is she dead or was I too gentle?? Fu**!!! He said to himself. Now, he joined his index and middle fingers together and poked a little harder. Once, twice….. There was a movement. Now the embarrassing moment begins he thought. He said,”excuse me! I think I lost my wallet and I don’t have money to pay the bus fare. Would you mind, lending me Rs 10?? I’ll make sure to return it to you if you give me your number.”

“What!!! Come again. I didn’t hear what you said”, she said. With a slightly half opened eyes. WTF!! He said to himself. For a moment, he thought forget it. But then he knew that he had to get off soon and he didn’t have money. So he looked at her again feeling most embarrassed he had ever felt. Can you lend me Rs 10, I lost my wallet somewhere, he said in a single breathe. With her eyes wide open, huh!! What?? Ok!! Here it is taking a note of 10 rs out from her purse.

He was wrong when he thought he felt the happiest while getting to sit before, it was now getting the money. With a sigh of relief he promised to return her money back. “Never mind, it could happen to anyone, Rs 10 is not a big money. Dont bother”, she said. Before he could say more he had to rush to door with that ever so precious Rs 10 to get off. When he got off, WTF.. I didn’t even thanked her. What happened to me?? What she might thinking about me?? What sort of uncivilized, uneducated person I’m. Ohhh… Shit!!

To be contd….


A lesser truth.
Some bitter sweet.
The Deceitful you.
Honest me.

Some resolute clouds.
A swaying town.
Some painful joy.
Soothing pain.

Silence that speaks.
The voices unheard.
Beauties are ignored.
Vicious approved.

The shorter life.
The longer list.
The blury Sunshine.
Crystal mist.

The Dishonour earned.
The courtesy lost.
Running from light.
Luminescent darkness.

A ethereal love.
The extreme aura.
A chase for nothing.
Aimless running.


Life goes on, things happen.
Time goes on, people pass by.
What I have is dream,
Dream that is all mine.

We are sad, but we’re happy sometime.
We’ve pain, but joyous moment soemtime.
It may sounds crazy,
The dream that is sublime.

Everyday we meet, but have to separate someday.
Luck is not in my favour now, but it will be someday.
Though my dream is crazy, sublime and luminescent.
And I know it will be real someday.

Going against Superstitions.

People say  I got it from my mother. well!! I can’t deny that as my mom is very good at rejecting/avoiding something she doesn’t like in a comic yet in a very diplomatic way.
Or maybe its years of practice and movies and readings.

When it comes to rejecting and avoiding and to be good at it, is really hard as you have to think out of the box to do so. :p
We are at the locus of many things worth neglecting and avoiding.  If you are not as good as me :p then chances are thin as air of not getting troubled by such things. Lets not complicate it, I am referring Superstitions as those worth avoiding things here.

Do you remember any of such superstitions that you once used to believe or still believe in? The no.13, cats, whistling at night, broken mirror, stepping on books, four-leaf clover, shoes upside down, howling of dogs, twitching of left eye, climbing up/down in dreams, eating from pot etc. Our society is full of such numerous superstitions. And some are so stupid and funny. Seriously!! let me mention some of such superstitions prevailed here in my country, Nepal and my way of avoiding/neglecting/not beveling them.

**A cat crossing your way**

black cat closeup_opt
Here, people believe that if a cat crosses your way then its bad luck. Either you have to spit three times or wait for at least three people to cross that danger line created by a cat before you proceed. hahaha 😀
Well what I do is simple. I do nothing. Neither I spit nor I wait. I remember reading an article about cats considering as  good luck symbol somewhere in Japan. And I’m like cat is cat.Yeah!! If it has brought good luck in Japan and has no grudges with Nepal so won’t do any harm whatsoever. An animal like cat would never bias is what I believe and move on cat’s way.

**Cutting nails at night**

Again, just like cat walk, cutting nails at night brings bad luck. You should never cut your nails at night, and should always do it outside during day time. We have been told time and again and again not to do it.
Well, I try to wait. But if I really need and want to do it and it happens to be night then what I do is Chew. Yeah!! chew. Because practically you are not cutting them, you are chewing it.  Because reasonably and arguably cutting them brings bad things not chewing them.

**Seeing empty pots while going out**

I don’t know how people take this matter here in cities, but people mostly in villages take it really seriously. They believe, seeing an empty pot specially “gagri” in particular means Failure. If you are out for some work and happen to see an empty pot then your work is unsuccessful for sure is what they believe.
What I do?? If I happen to see an empty pot then instantly I buy an bottled water from a shop. 🙂 Tit for tat. If something empty brings failure then obviously filled pot would brings Success!! The rule of Opposites. 😀

**Sweeping at home by kids means Guests arrival**


I remember my mom telling me ” Sano manchey le kucho lagauda pahuna aauxan ghar maa.” meaning if small kids sweep then guest would come to our home. Its not a bad thing to teach small kids how to sweep but here the intention not to let us is different. Our parent are afraid that guest would come and with them uninvited expenses. As a child who cares?? Guest means gifts, special dining and money.

What I’m saying is that I did nothing as it was a favorable sort of Superstition for us as a kid. I remember sweeping my home often but I can’t remember how many guest actually came from my Sweepy Broomy invitation. It doesn’t make any sense now, does it?? So far so good, no harm done. 😀

**Eating from pot**


Still our parents say if we eat from pots ( Karai in specific ) it will rain on your wedding day. And I wonder whenever I see weddings on rainy day. Did they ever eat from their pots?? Never had that chance to ask them. But what if we marry during monsoon?? It won’t matter whether we had ever eaten from or pot or not, Rain is inevitable on your wedding day even if you lived your whole life in a 5 star hotel where all you do if eat and pay. 😀

I’m not married yet but if I desire to eat the burn, charred left foods coated at the side of the pot or want to eat in something bigger than plates or just want to see if it really happens and still don’t want get soaked up on my wedding. Then the best thing I can do is I can plan to get married inside a hall. A big one. Problem!! Solved. 🙂

Plus, there are lots countries where eating directly from pot while the food is hot is a tradition and they don’t seem to have unnatural rainfall on their wedding day.

I’ll be talking about some few more such stupid superstitions including few serious.

To be cont..

P.s. I don’t own the used images.

Amazing brain.

Brain really is quite impossible to understand. I’m saying this because I have been trying to retrieve my forgotten password out it from couple of months and was unsuccessful. But suddenly when I was not even thinking about it, I got it. Well it feels great to get back at something you were doing. download This particular thing that I remember is from the other day I was traveling in a bus. I can’t remember where I was going to but I remember being at the last seat row and squeezed!! yeah, I was. A woman with her son, may be of 3-5 years was sitting next to me. Squeezed between the mother and a man (which I came to know was the father of that boy later on), my locomotion was completely halted.  As the bus was moving I couldn’t stop myself from looking at that kid as he was playing with a mobile phone. Then I remember myself at his age. I was like, I barely even had a ball to play with and this kid is like whoa…. playing with a mobile phone.  I couldn’t stop thinking and imagine. What if I had what this kid has at this moment when I was his age? Would there be any changes to who I’m right now or no variance as such? I unintentionally started comparing myself with him. Then I answered definitely!! Few changes but not lot. After that I started to think about that kid. The way that kid was moving his fingers on phone screen, it seemed like that he was very good with phone and vice versa. The kids of modern 21st century are really smart and lucky too is what I said to myself. The way he was looking at that phone and observing it from every angle was fun to see. I thought, maybe, maybe this kid will become a hardware engineer or a software engineer in future. I could see intelligence, smartness and spectacles on his face. I was equally curious about What he might be thinking. His brain. Then the bus started moving and suddenly that kid was like….. bhrummm…bhrum…. teee titttt……. –_– The kid handover the phone to his mother and even moved his hands like he was controlling a steering wheel.  I was like, where is the future engineer go?? Suddenly that smart intelligent face started to have grease, sweat and dust from the road and engines all over him. I told myself maybe this kid will become a good driver someday. What he might be thinking?? His brain? My predictions may completely go otherwise. Or just like ‘morning shows the day’ may be this kid will become what traits had shown. Here I’m not apprising that I’m a soothsayer but highlighting upon our brain playfulness. From going back to that day, digging up my memory’s memory to doing predictions based on circumstances, it’s amazing!! Right ??? Brain is amazing. P.S. I don’t own the image that I have used here. The image is randomly taken out of Google search. #mindisamazing  #memory #bustravel

Late Territory

No one can claim, or been more than 100 percent sure that he/she has never been late. Being late at school, late to get at the bus stop, or sleeping a few more hours and starting a whole day late. Here and there we all have been late for something once, twice or more maybe. If we are aware, contemporary world considers time as money and each and everyone has the right to turn their time into money. So its a good thing to consider for.


When we talk about turning our time into money then there is no exception or a little portion of doing it wrong. So when we value our time with money then why still the time still measures in seconds?  Why don’t we start saying you are Rs. 100 late or you have just spent your 1 million doing nothing in these years. I think it’s more abiding and for sure will fill the people’s right desire to crave for more and will start giving a little more attention regarding the late habits.

When our usual schedules are late to function then expecting other thing go as per the fixed and limited time has very little probability in going right way and in within right time. When people value time as profit and lateness as Loss then a whole  new definition for things will arise.

We are living within a late territory where being in time is being useless. If are on time people will assume you have got nothing else to do. So lateness is rather a very good option to go with, so cares to values seconds, minute and hours. Late=busy=work=worthy so yes if I have to tell someone that I am worthy of something then I must never be on time. I must get somewhere after everyone get there.  No matter what effects my absence brings I must get there as late as possible but not too late that I miss everything.

When it comes to give something we try to push it back as much as possible and when the thing is about taking something then we leave no time at all. Politically, socially and even psychologically we are late and living late. If we desire to cope with others then the first thing we must do is, we must run out of this late territory.


New and change

It’s never too late to try something new. Whether it is trying a new cooking recipe or trying out a book from a new writer. Often unexpected and unattempted things in life bring new surprises to own and people surrounding us.

Change-PicLife always has a better way to surprise us. We hope to grab it tight but loosing from grip is it’s character. We hope if only things could go our way but the best thing in life come unexpected. We desire for things but often things complimentary and thing we get for free brings smile on our face. So desire less, live more, cry less, be happy. Life has lots of twist and turns, we can’t bend them our way around but we can make sure that our fit and wit bends similar way or won’t go other way around. Things can make us or break us down, disappoint us or fill joy in life. But what should always be kept in mind is that those disappointing and breaking moments are temporary and mustn’t keep us disheartened permanently. What once been gone should not be repeated in case those things are worth forgetting and regretting. What we need is change.

Things always had changed, things always change and with no dualism we can say things will for sure change. Here what changes is not important but WHAT CHANGES US is something worth considering for. The world we live in is not something that has remain same from the very beginning but rather has changed in due course of time internally and externally. Moreover along with this what has changed are the things attached to it. So in world totally unpredictable and dynamic, being a part of it not being and not being able to adapt it’s foremost quality change is something not to be deprived of. We must make sure that change is a part of us but the change should be favorable and honest. What has changed you shouldn’t effect other around you. Make that change limited within you, don’t let it affect other in a dissimilar way.

Everyday is new, you are new, make a positive change a part of you, be compatible with the world around you because if you can’t be the change, you will be the part of others change.