The pouring slowed
Didn’t stop
So does the questions
In her heart
What is he up to now
Where is he?

In darkest of the midnight
The strength
Of the wind
In her body
Forced door open wide
From the bed she rise
She peered to the door
Only the wind
Nothing more

The lock was broken
She realized
She turned to bed
Look she said
Sad she became
When no one was there
Where is he?
A night struggled by
She had worries
In her eyes
He will be back,
Won’t he?
She questioned
But didn’t cry

The pain in her leg
Jumped right back in
She bent her fingers
To count
The days
Without medicine
She has been

The timing was right
The pain
The hunger
Hurdles in
She can’t live like this
If not for mine
For him
She said
And rose from the bed

She foraged through
The boxes
The can
The jars
Nothing she found
I could have managed
If only
I can plod around

From underneath the pillow
She fetched a wrapping
It was unfolded
A gift
He might remember
Doesn’t he?

From underneath the layers
A silver earring was in sight
She placed it in her palm
Limped to door
To see it
And for one last time

From under the bed a stick she pulled
A tattered shawl
On her head
She moved
Out of her home
Till the shop
She anxious
To hear her name
From him
In hope

No name was called
Not much money
For the possession
She brought
She had no choice
But to be thankful
He couldn’t do this,
Could he?

She was back with handful of things
But without her gift
Miserable she felt
For being like this
She never dreamt
Of luxury
Nor of a single ring
Love is all
She ever cherished

The strength of love
The support
From him
Her son
Kept her strong
Kept her going
Now shattering
Trembling down
She sat down
He didn’t leave us,
Did he?

The thoughts outnumbered
By the second it passed
The pain engulfed
With every breathe in
The agony
Patiently in her body
Then in her head
She bore it no longer
Then leaned by the bed

Everything was in motion
For her the time froze
Flow of power
He is feeling the same
Isn’t he?

She laid there in temporal anxiety
Betrayed by love
Challenged by malady
Fooled by heart
Paralyzed from body
She waited in silence
For his return
Hope wish pray
All she embraced

She was there
He wasn’t there
She was waiting
He didn’t care
She hoped
He didn’t believe
She stayed
He vanished!!



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